Keeping up With Cybercrime in 2023

Our modern world has evolved significantly over the past couple of decades. The internet came around and shortly afterward we saw a massive technological development. From smartphones that can fit into your pockets to computers that you can carry around anywhere you go, there’s no doubt that technology and the internet have made our lives much easier and more convenient than ever before.

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You can work from anywhere in the world, find any movies or TV shows on demand, or even order groceries straight to your doorstep simply by using an innovative app. No one could ever have predicted that technology would have taken such an incredible turn for the better in such a short space of time.

However, it’s not all sunshine and roses. Technology and the internet come with a unique set of risks that we have never had to tackle before. As such, it’s more important than ever before to be aware of the risks that you face when you connect your devices to the internet. It’s also crucial to understand the solution to the problem – it’s not all bad! There are ways that you can protect your devices from the dangers that they face online.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the risks that our devices face and how we can keep them secure at all times.

Rise in Cybercrime

In recent years there has been a massive spike in cybercrime all around the world. There are two main reasons for this huge increase in threats that our devices face online.

The first reason for the increase in cybercrime is that there are more devices in use around the world. Overall, there are thousands of new devices being used every day. Some of these devices are being used by people who have never used a device before and have no idea about the threats that their devices face online. This puts them even more at risk of cybercrime.

Another reason for the unusual spike in the frequency and danger of cybercrime is because of the worldwide lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic caused an increase in screen time all around the world. Keeping yourself entertained, staying in touch with family and friends, and even working from home all require devices and the internet to be used.

Even years after the pandemic has started and the world has slowly but surely returned to normal, many companies around the world are still employing the remote working business model. This has caused a “digital nomad” revolution where people are traveling around the world and working remotely at the same time.

It’s the increase in screen time and device smudges that has directly led to the increase in cybercrime statistics all around the world. With more people spending time on their devices, there are far more targets for skilled hackers to attack. That’s why it’s critical to ensure that your devices are as secure as possible by using the best cybersecurity tools on the market.


The first cybersecurity tool that your device needs is a virtual private network. It’s more commonly known as a VPN, but it’s an incredibly powerful tool that everyone needs to install on their devices – especially if you’re spending a lot of time traveling or working remotely.

The main purpose of a VPN is to encrypt your internet connection, which will prevent anyone else from seeing what you’re doing on your device when you connect to a network. As long as your VPN is connected, you can browse the internet anonymously – not even the government or your internet service provider can keep track of your online activity and browsing history.

VPNs also allow you to connect to secure global servers that are situated in other countries and cities around the world. When you connect to one of these servers your real IP address will be hidden from any websites that you visit. This will hide your device’s virtual location and allow you to spoof your location.

There are several benefits to hiding your device’s location such as bypassing geo-blocking restrictions, overcoming internet censorship laws, finding cheaper flights and hotel deals, as well as general privacy and security.

Antivirus Software

One of the biggest threats that our drivers face online is malicious software, also known as malware for short. Malware is an extremely dangerous type of software that is designed to cause harm to your devices. While malware can manifest in many different forms, the most common types that you may have heard of before are viruses, spyware, and ransomware.

Malware is often installed in the background of your device, which means that it’s nearly impossible to detect it until it’s too late to take action and remove it from your device. That’s why you need to get premium antivirus software installed on your device as soon as possible.

Antivirus software is designed with a library of known viruses and malware, allowing the software to scan and detect any harmful software on your devices before they can lay down roots and cause damage to your devices. Premium antivirus software will also allow you to detect potential phishing links and emails before you click on them.

Password Manager

The key to keeping all of your accounts safe and secure is to use strong and unique passwords on each of your accounts. The problem is that most people don’t use strong and unique passwords because they are much more difficult to remember.

Strong passwords are made up of letters, numbers, and symbols that do not relate to your personal information – they must be completely random. This makes it much more difficult for a hacker to find any of your personal information online and use it to break into your account.

You also need to make sure that you’re using a different password on each of your accounts because it prevents all of your accounts from being at risk at the same time. If your login credentials are leaked in a data breach, or if a hacker breaks into one of your accounts, they could use the same login credentials to breach other accounts too (such as your email account, online banking profile, or social media profiles).

Unless you’re using a premium password manager, it’s impossible to remember all of these accounts. A password manager will keep all of your login credentials secure using a single master password – the only login you ever need to remember.


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