Top 7 Cybersecurity Companies for Information Security Grads

Cybersecurity has never been more important. Within the past few decades, instances of cybercrime have risen to epidemic levels, and billions of dollars are lost to cyber attackers every year.


Every individual and business is under significant risk of cyberattack every day, but they have hope: cybersecurity. Cybersecurity professionals are responsible for designing products and processes to keep people safe.

Currently, a shortage of trained cybersecurity professionals ensures that anyone with a background in cybersecurity can earn a healthy salary — especially if they work for some of the leading cybersecurity firms in the world. Graduates with UAG online cybersecurity degrees should look for jobs from any of the following top employers in the field if they are interested in significant rewards and meaningful work.

Nozomi Networks

A network security firm that specializes in the Internet of Things, Nozomi Networks is a medium-sized business with a few hundred employees. Headquartered in San Francisco, Nozomi boasts a global ecosystem with certified security and engineering professionals all over the world.

Nozomi is consistently rated among the best places to work in the cybersecurity field, with a full 100 percent of employees willing to recommend Nozomi and 100 percent approval of Nozomi’s CEO.

Arctic Wolf

An industry leader in threat intelligence and security operations, Arctic Wolf is a major employer in the cybersecurity space.

Despite thousands of employees, Arctic Wolf is highly reputed among security professionals for the availability of individual autonomy which drives workers to acquire incredible skill and knowledge while contributing to challenging but rewarding projects. As a result, many workers highly recommend taking any and all job offers extended by Arctic Wolf.


A recognizable name in cybersecurity, SentinelOne has delivered high-quality endpoint security for more than a decade and hopes to lead the industry into the future. A large employer with a workforce in the thousands, SentinelOne is nevertheless among the highest rated employers in tech.

The workplace culture is often touted by staff as extremely supportive and welcoming of creativity, which allows every employee to find satisfaction in their work.

Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct is the first and only cybersecurity firm to harness the power of deep learning in the attempts to fully eliminate the threats of malware and ransomware. Many cybersecurity professionals are thrilled to contribute to such an innovative and exciting technology, which might irrevocably alter the cybersecurity landscape.

As a smaller and younger company, Deep Instinct is experiencing some growing pains with regards to management strategy, but overall, most employees recommend opportunities from this firm because of the implications of its outstanding technology.

Perimeter 81

Interested in simplifying network security to reduce vulnerabilities, Perimeter 81 has attracted attention thanks to its Cybersecurity Experience Platform, which serves to make it easier to scale cybersecurity solutions to an ever-changing landscape of digital tools and users.

Based in Israel, Perimeter 81 boasts a small and tight-knit global staff who generally attest to the company’s understanding and generous management style which has created a supportive and engaging workplace culture.


Expel is committed to making their managed security solutions more transparent for clients — and, ostensibly, work conditions in the cybersecurity field more enjoyable for employees. Despite fast growth, Expel has maintained high approval ratings from its staff, specifically in leadership’s ability to ensure that workers can develop a positive work-life balance.

In tech, the prioritization of healthy habits is rare, so cybersecurity professionals who value this kind of culture may want to take advantage of Expel’s current hiring spree.


One of the oldest and most established cybersecurity companies on this list, SailPoint is nonetheless highly regarded as one of the best employers in the industry. Based in Austin, Texas and focused on identity and access management, SailPoint is looking to leverage AI and machine learning within its cloud cybersecurity platform.

Staff rave about the professional development opportunities that allow them to learn and improve within cybersecurity, and the consistency of the workplace culture is an incredible boon.

There are hundreds of cybersecurity firms that recent graduates might consider applying to, but experienced workers know the value of a position with a high-quality employer. Students and grads should put time and effort into researching the best cybersecurity employers to ensure they launch their careers with the best opportunities for personal and professional success.


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