Do You Need to Visit the Doctor After a Bicycle Accident?

Accidents happen literally every single minute. Going by general estimations, not all of them are going to be serious. While this is the case, it’s not your call to make if you’re not a trained healthcare professional.

Bicycle accident

That’s because there may be a hidden danger sign that you won’t see even if you know basic first aid. This means that even something that sounds as minor as a bicycle accident could lead to serious issues if you’re not careful, and not all of them may present immediately. This is based on the fact that in 2018 alone, 857 bicyclists lost their lives in bicycle accidents.

It May Be Hard To Read Dangerous Symptoms

As mentioned earlier, it may be hard for an untrained person to notice signs and symptoms that present a serious issue. This is because, generally, there are symptoms that everyone knows to be major, while there are a number that are minor. As such, the average person will base their decision on the seriousness of a matter on general terms.

A professional will tell you, however, that certain symptoms that would usually be termed minor are a cause for concern if they happen at the same time. This means that it’s a good idea to go for an evaluation even if you feel like you can walk it off.

There Are Various Facilities You Can Visit

If the issue with visiting the emergency room after getting involved in a bicycle accident is based on the fact that you don’t want to go to the emergency room, the good news is that you don’t. One of your options is to call your primary care physician and book an appointment with them if they’re available.

If the accident took place on the weekend or in the evening, then you could look for an after-hours facility in your area. Remember that every year, almost 132 million patients visit emergency rooms in the United States, with about 30% of these visits relating to injuries.

You Can Seek Professional Care Remotely

Healthcare in the digital age has its advantages, as many a business has discovered. One of these is that currently, it’s possible to seek and receive treatment from the comfort of your home. The doctor doesn’t have to leave their office or wherever they are either. Simply call your doctor and have the meeting done over your internet devices.

If you need to seek help from a different facility or professional, look for one that offers telemedicine. In 2021 alone, 37% of adults in the United States used telemedicine, according to the CDC. If the professional determines that there may be a serious issue based on your virtual meeting, they’ll ask you to visit their facilities. Otherwise, this won’t be necessary, and you can get advice on the steps to take to alleviate any pain or discomfort that you’ll be in.

It’s Best to Be Safe Rather Than Sorry

Finally, while it may feel like you’re bothering people or being paranoid, it’s better to be safe rather than be sorry. A number of injuries that seem minor at face value could actually result in serious internal injuries. This means that you may not even feel anything for some time after the accident. A doctor is going to let you know if you need to take some preventative measures as well as some signs to look out for. These can help lower the risk of a fatal outcome from something you could have never figured out by yourself.

Clearly, it’s a good idea to see a professional after getting involved in an accident. You’ll be taking an important step towards securing your health by doing this. Even if you find out that there’s nothing serious, you won’t have lost as much as you could have if something turns out to be a major issue.


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