Benefits of Salesforce Apps for Insurance Agencies by Noltic.Com Experts

VMR analysts claim that the global insurance industry was about 6.3 tln in 2022 and is projected to hit nearly 12.7 trillion by 2030. Such an active development of the specified market led to permanently increasing competition among insurers. As a result, insurance companies are forced to look for effective features to enhance their productivity. In turn, experts say that Salesforce-based software is among the most popular tools, allowing for essentially enhancing one’s enterprise’s effectiveness.



Certain insurers still escape implementing the mentioned applications into their workflows. Noltic experts believe this is due to such business owners merely not realizing all the merits of Salesforce apps. That’s why the specialists came up with a list of the main advantages of the specified software for insurance agencies and described those benefits in detail. So, let’s take a closer look at this information.

Why Noltic.Com Recommends Insurers to Use Salesforce Solutions



Initially, it’s worth noting that the mentioned software enables you to significantly reduce corporate expenses. The latter is because Salesforce software allows you to automate recurring processes. As a result, business owners may cut their live staff and spend less money paying salaries.

AI Features in Salesforce Applications

AI applications


Noltic.Com experts claim such functions allow for tracking current client needs and coming up with more relevant insurance offers. Moreover, AI features give you the following benefits:

  • capability to hold more efficient marketing campaigns;
  • ability to create comprehensive reports;
  • managing existing clients as well as attracting prospects more effectively;
  • obtaining real-time data to conduct better analyses.

Additionally, particular AI functions can essentially improve the client experience. This is due to a more personalized approach to consumer servicing.

Outstanding Integration Possibilities



Almost all popular apps (like Slack, Asana, etc.) may be implemented into Salesforce-based software. This peculiarity is especially helpful for insurance companies with numerous branches in other cities and foreign countries. That’s because different subsidiaries usually employ various applications that are the most effective in the exact conditions they have. Salesforce-based solutions, for their part, allow for managing those apps in one place, according to Noltic experts.

What Insurers Employ Salesforce Software Successfully

Here, Noltic experts note two large companies – Pacific Life and Amica. The first one is a large US insurance enterprise. It stands out for its over 150 years of experience. Amica is also an American company. It has been successfully working since 1907. Let’s look at these enterprises closer.

Why Pacific Life Uses Salesforce Software



The company is famous for its client-first approach. Using Salesforce solutions, the enterprise is able to significantly improve consumer satisfaction levels in the following ways:

  • tailoring interaction with their clients;
  • prioritizing conversations with policy owners;
  • enhancing client-servicing quality due to the feature that can analyze consumer data and advise on the next-best actions.

Noltic experts also note that Salesforce applications allow Pacific Life to manage multiple systems across corporate, vendor, and partner networks. This enables them to seamlessly deliver their insurance solutions through plenty of digital platforms.

How Amica Benefits From Salesforce Software Use

The specified applications allow the insurer to increase problem resolution rates on the first client contact. This is due to the solutions providing consumers with constant access to the necessary information.


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Furthermore, Noltic.Com experts note that integrated Salesforce software enables Amica to enhance its support team’s efficiency. The insurer’s clients obtain more comprehensive as well as personalized help through the implemented apps.

Final Thoughts



Insurance companies can significantly improve their client service, productivity, and profit using Salesforce-based software. That, however, is true only if they hire reputable as well as Salesforce-certified developers. You may get further details on choosing reliable specialists in topical blogs, for example, at


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