Marketing Property Improvement Services to New Homeowners

As a business owner who provides services to homeowners, you already know how quickly trends change. When you’re in a service industry, the changing trends can be hard to keep up with. It also means that your marketing strategies must be on point. Many of you may be thinking, you’ve got the tools, the expertise, and the drive to make homes shine like new, but how do you spread the word about your services?

Property improvement business owner

Marketing your property improvement business to new homeowners might seem like a challenge, but fear not! We encourage you to focus on household items that are tried and true. These nifty tips can help you make a splash in the homeowner world.

Spotlight Your Garage Door Expertise

Let’s talk about garage doors. You know that squeaky, grumpy garage door that seems to have a life of its own? New homeowners often want to kick them to the curb quickly. They need to know that you’re the garage door whisperer, the maestro of smooth slides and quiet entries. When you convince them that you know your stuff, you will be their go-to.

Let them know about that awesome fact you’ve got up your sleeve — a well-maintained garage door can strut its stuff for a solid six to 10 years, handling a whopping 10,000 openings like a pro. The Family Handyman states that that’s the case even if you open your garage door up to three times a day.

Show them how your garage door services can bring quiet and hassle-free comings and goings to their everyday life. Spruce up your marketing with before-and-after pics, quirky garage door tips, and the promise of stress-free entries and exits — that’ll have them knocking on your door in no time.

Go Green with Water Heating Solutions

Green is the color of the day, as in eco-friendly solutions. Who doesn’t enjoy a steamy hot shower to start or end the day? New homeowners want to keep the cozy warmth flowing without breaking the bank. Be the hero they need by highlighting how your energy-efficient water heating solutions can keep those hot showers rolling while cutting down on energy bills. As part of your marketing, you want to include the Department of Energy statement that water heating slurps up a shocking 18% of a home’s energy usage.

Show off your eco-friendly options, from nifty tankless water heaters to solar-powered marvels. Sprinkle in some water-saving tips and budget-friendly solutions to seal the deal and make your business the talk of the town.

Pitch Rock-Solid Roofs that Last a Lifetime

When your business focuses on roofs, you already know that homeowners want tough cookies that can weather any storm. Let them know you’ve got their backs covered – literally. It’s no secret that durability is the real MVP in the world of roofs. You want to message that your services can guarantee all roof installations will stand the test of time.

Show off your knowledge about the DaVinci Roofscapes consumer survey that identified that 88% of homeowners want a roof that’s as sturdy as a tank, and 83% are looking for something that’ll outlast their mortgage. Paint a picture of a secure, reliable shelter with your roofing solutions and top it off with some pro tips for maintaining a long-lasting, rock-solid roof that’ll have them feeling snug regardless of whatever the weather brings.

So there you have it; with these clever tips, you’ll become the wizard of home improvement marketing! Let your expertise shine, and friendly advice flow. Before you know it, your services will speak for themselves. You’ll be the household name everyone trusts with their most prized possession.


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