Why Are Perimeter Protection Systems Important?

Whether you are moving to new business premises or you want to shore up the security of your current premises, there are several considerations that you may make.

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As well as checking that all doors and windows are safe and installing devices such as entry cards to prevent unauthorised access, you may also need to look at the perimeter protection systems that are available for you.

What is a Perimeter Protection System?

A perimeter protection system is literally the first line of defence against anyone trying to gain unauthorised access to your premises. Such systems can also serve as a deterrent to those who are considering targeting premises in your area. Therefore, having the right perimeter protection system in place can be vital in ensuring the reduction of risk to your business.

But what types of equipment are available to you, and how do you make a choice that is right for your business? Here, we ask experts at Fen-Bay Services to explain more about the benefits and importance of perimeter protection systems.

Deterring and Preventing Theft

Knowing that there is perimeter protection can stave off any potential threat towards your business before it begins. If it is very clear that there is no easy access to your business premises, those with malicious intentions would likely look elsewhere.

Early Detection

If you are aware of a threat early on, then it is entirely possible to thwart an attack or unauthorised access in its tracks. The earlier you are aware that somebody is trying to gain entry, the quicker you can access to inform security services or the police to deal with a threat.

Protection of Valuable Assets

You may consider that there is nothing physically high value on your premises, but a person with malicious intentions may only be looking to gain access to your premises in order to access your computer systems. These are valuable assets that while not physical could cause major damage to your business if they are accessed without authorisation.

Protection of your Employees

As well as protecting data that you hold within your business premises, it is essential to protect the personal safety of individuals working there. Under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, all employers have a responsibility to take reasonably practical steps to protect the risk of harm coming to their employees at work.

If your business is Identified at being a high risk environment, perimeter security systems could help you protect your staff from any harm they may come to.

Getting The Right to Perimeter Protection Services for your business

Depending on the location and size of your business premises, the perimeter protection services you choose could include:

  • Sliding gates – these are available at either tracked sliding gates or cantilever sliding gates. They can provide a really good first line of defence and allow for vehicle access when needed.
  • Swing gates – it may be possible for you to have a swing gate installed. These are common in industrial premises and construction sites for example, where large vehicles need to go in and out, but then the site is locked up at night to prevent unauthorised access.
  • High security barriers – these provide a double layer of defence and comprise a gate type structure with a further layer of protection behind it Not only this, but you could add to this security by erecting security bollards in front of your gates. If your business premises are Identified as being high risk, layering up your security in this way will help to reduce the risk.

If you are at all confused about what options may be best for your business, it is best to contact a reputable supplier of such products. That way they can give you professional advice on the protection you may need to employ.


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