Why Are Perimeter Protection Systems Important?

Whether you are moving to new business premises or you want to shore up the security of your current premises, there are several considerations that you may make.

Sliding gate

photo credit: Gerritt Tisdale / Pexels

As well as checking that all doors and windows are safe and installing devices such as entry cards to prevent unauthorised access, you may also need to look at the perimeter protection systems that are available for you.

What is a Perimeter Protection System?

A perimeter protection system is literally the first line of defence against anyone trying to gain unauthorised access to your premises. Such systems can also serve as a deterrent to those who are considering targeting premises in your area.…

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How to Specify an Alarm System For Your Small Business

Are you thinking of adding cameras to your current alarm system?

Are you specifying a new alarm system?

Are you worried about false alarms?

In any of these three scenarios, you should consider adding self-monitored video cameras to your system. Some alarm companies let you monitor alarm system cameras from your smartphone or tablet while you are away.

You may already use a camera linked to your TV to check the identity of visitors, and when you are away these cameras probably record using a DVR, so you will always have pictures of any dubious characters entering your property. However having images of guys in ski masks is not much consolation for the mental and financial damage resulting from a break in.…

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Fight Those Intruders with High-Quality Security for Your SMB

The humble owner of an SMB probably thinks that a burglar wouldn’t bother with them. Imagining that intruders only like to pick on corporate suits or smuggle billion dollar diamonds, your smaller business owners might trick themselves into being lax with their security.

No burglar

But, what you might not be thinking about is the mentality of a scheming burglar. Bigger jobs take a heck of a lot more effort, so why go to the bother of robbing one massive company when you could, with much less preparation, burgle six or seven smaller ones?

The first thing you need to do is take a look at your business and ask yourself, could I break in here easily?…

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