Fight Those Intruders with High-Quality Security for Your SMB

The humble owner of an SMB probably thinks that a burglar wouldn’t bother with them. Imagining that intruders only like to pick on corporate suits or smuggle billion dollar diamonds, your smaller business owners might trick themselves into being lax with their security.

No burglar

But, what you might not be thinking about is the mentality of a scheming burglar. Bigger jobs take a heck of a lot more effort, so why go to the bother of robbing one massive company when you could, with much less preparation, burgle six or seven smaller ones?

The first thing you need to do is take a look at your business and ask yourself, could I break in here easily? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to tighten up your barricades with a few of these top tips.

Make a fence your best defence

Fences are the first port of call for any business owner looking to bulk up their security. Whether you’re searching for acoustic, electric or temporary fencing, the difficulty in surmounting a well-constructed palisade can’t be overstated.

More than this, a decent fence provides a dose of privacy for your company, allowing you to conduct business without the prying eyes of the general public. And, with additions like anti-grease paint existing to bulk up your defences, the security you’ll have will be almost immeasurable.

Maintain an eagle eye with CCTV

The bald eagle is a fascinating creature, able to pick out miniscule prey from miles away, before zoning in for the kill in one graceful motion. With a decent CCTV setup you can have the vision of that eagle, picking out any wrongdoings on your premises and contacting the correct authorities.


A good set of cameras will also allow you to settle any employment disputes that might come up in the course of a working day. With video evidence to watch back, you’ll be able to bat away or put right any complaint a worker might have.

Hire staff you can trust

You know those people in job interviews who have a shifty look about them and who’ll casually discuss “going on the rob” in their non-working hours?

Yeah, don’t hire those guys.

Of course, there might be more subtle tells that show someone to be untrustworthy but, either way, make sure you don’t hire someone who seems like a bad apple.

In any job interview, always ask probing questions about a potential employee’s past, finding out why they were fired from their last job and if they can be trusted alone in a working environment. After all, the last thing you want in your workplace is dodgy deals and missing money.

So, get those fences up, get a good CCTV system and find workers you can trust for the best in your security.

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  1. Kelly Boros

    Having a system of internal controls in place is one of the best ways to reduce business fraud from happening. Separation of duties needs to be established so that the person who is signing the checks, isn’t the same person who is managing payroll, AP/AR, and bookkeeping. Breaking up responsibilities reduces the risk of fraud as there are multiple eyes on the company books.


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