5 Reasons to Get Personal Injury Cover for Workers as SME CEO

If you’re the CEO of a small and medium enterprise, you want to consider the safety of your employees. Your business relies on its employees as much as it does on your clientele to succeed. One way to show you care for your employees is by providing a personal injury cover, especially if your business has various hazards.

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If you’re the CEO of a construction company, covering your employees against work-related injuries is essential. First, a worksite may have spills, which have built a reputation as slip hazards. Also, working from heights and operating machinery increases the risks of injuries.

Whichever business you operate as CEO, you want to ensure workers receive compensation for their injuries. Read on to find out why getting a cover for your employees is essential.

It’s a Legal Requirement

The jurisdiction in which your business is requires every business to provide personal injury. Even if you operate a retail business, which you may think has fewer hazards, your business has to provide workers’ compensation insurance to the employees.

If an employee suffers an injury while performing work duties, the cover will foot the medical and rehabilitation expenses. Also, this cover will compensate for lost wages. You’ll contract an insurance company to cover your employees and pay the insurance fee.

It Protects your Business against Personal Injury Suit


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Some jobs expose workers to more hazards. Construction sites and working in the chemical industry are leading in exposing employees to hazards. Many lawsuits employees file against their employers relate to personal injuries. With a lawsuit of this kind increasing every year, the likelihood of an employee filing the same suit against your business is high.

However, such employees only file lawsuits if the employer fails to cover expenses from personal injuries. You can avoid lawsuits by covering your employees against personal injuries.

It Guarantees Workplace Safety

Even if a work site has hazards, employees may consider it safe if they know their employer has covered them if they suffer work injuries. Psychological comfort is as important as physical comfort and can improve work productivity. What’s more, employees will be willing to work for your business if you provide cover against unexpected injuries.

The Employee Welfare Is Your Responsibility

As a small and medium business owner, providing a better life and, quite frankly, health is your responsibility. Paying your employees a competitive salary will make their welfare better.

Also, paying their medical expenses in emergencies through insurance improves the quality of their lives. Your business will benefit from employee welfare in return as your business will build a caring reputation.

Covering Employees is Talent Retention

Providing a good salary isn’t enough to retain talent in your business. Other incentives and providing cover will satisfy your employees and bring contentment. As a result, you will retain employees and continue operating your business.


As CEO of a small and medium business, your business is a top priority. There’s much you can do for it to thrive. One thing you can do is protect your employees through insurance coverage. That’s true for a business with many hazards, such as construction and chemical industries. Therefore, cover your employees against personal injury and avoid legal troubles.


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