4 Patterns for Forex Profitability

There are many factors that determine profitability for Forex traders. It is difficult to pick one factor that will lead to a profitable experience in the Forex market so many traders will look for patterns that will predict a successful trading strategy. These patterns will hopefully guide Forex traders towards great decision making and profitable Forex trades.

Forex trading

Let’s examine some of the patterns that have been seen in successful Forex trading.

Pattern #1: Mitigate your losses

The first important pattern to note is that no matter how many of your trades are successful, if you are losing more on your losing trades than you are gaining on your winning trades, your Forex trading will not be profitable.…

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5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Business

Is your business in desperate need of a jump start? Are you willing to do anything it takes to make progress in the days, weeks, and months to come?

Business growth

There are many things you can do to jumpstart your business, with every idea well worth your consideration.

You don’t want to get ahead of yourself, but at the same time you don’t want to remain stagnant.

If you’re ready to take the first step in jumpstarting your business, here are five ideas to consider:

1. Secure a Business Loan

Many businesses have died off because they weren’t able to secure the necessary financing to push forward.…

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Let’s Talk Multidisciplinary Marketing

Gone are the days when marketing was quick and simple, or in other words: one-dimensional. Back then, you could successfully market your goods or brands with a simple formula, which usually targeted teenagers. Thanks to the high demand of online shopping, and the sudden rise of AdSense or Affiliate marketing by websites, being able to create a successful marketing plan and making it a successful marketing tool is now long gone.

Multidisciplinary marketing strategy

Don’t get me wrong, you can still make use of the old ADDA system, but the likelihood of you being able to make your company or product stand out as much as possible is very slim.…

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Why You Should Make Use of Virtual Data Rooms

A Virtual Data Room, or VDR as it is known its abbreviated form, is an online storage site or room that stores documents. Most people can understand this as a form of online cloud storage, but in reality, there is evidence that VDR is much better than a simple cloud storage.

Virtual Data Room (VDR)

How are Virtual Data Rooms better than “The Cloud”?

It is important to understand that even though Virtual Data Rooms make use of “The Cloud,” they also allow multiple devices or people to access any of the data shared with them at any time. This can be done simultaneously, without the documents ever having to leave the secure storage of the VDR.…

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Marketing Coaching for Your Business: A 4 Phase Process

Coaching is smart because a professional that has marketing experience can help you grow your business.

Marketing coaching

Marketing is the backbone of a business. If you don’t properly market your business, you won’t make sales and your business will become another failed business statistic (96% of businesses fail within 10 years). Marketing coaching is a fun and exciting way to learn how to promote your business and drive profit.

Coaching is smart because a professional that has marketing experience can help you grow your business.

And there is a four-phase process that most coaches follow to help tailor their service to your business and help you grow:


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Lessons Learned from Brand Marketing in Canada

Whether you are an entrepreneur or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, every person interested in running a successful business knows that brand marketing is one of the most important aspects of getting your product into a successful market.

Brand marketing

When shopping at your local grocery store and are faced with a choice between either a well-recognized brand of spaghetti sauce or an obscure name that no one’s ever heard of, the vast majority of customers will go for the recognizable brand name product, even if it´s a little bit more expensive.

Not just in Canada but globally, Google has been the most recognizable brand in the country since 2013, and for good reason.…

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5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Ghostwriting for a Client

Ghostwriting is a reliable, steady way to increase your income, while improving your skills as a writer and a journalist. By creating content for a client who lacks the time or the skill to do so themselves, you’re responsible for an in-depth understanding of their speaking tone, thorough interviews, and of course the production of the final piece of work.


To add to the intensity and seriousness of ghostwriting, the root word “ghost” directly implies that you must complete the job while remaining out of sight and that whoever you are creating content for gets to use their own byline.

To do the job properly, you have to ask questions—many questions.…

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Traditional Marketing Techniques are Still Effective Today

Figuring out where to spend the money to boost sales is never easy. With millennials using their electronic devices to find anything from tonight’s dinner to a brand new car, many business owners are now wondering what the best approach to advertising is.

While social media does reach more people at once, the tried and trusted traditional methods still work. Here are some of them.

Cardboard displays in stores

Eye-catching displays have always caught the eye of a shopper in retail stores and supermarkets. Mainly because they pay careful attention to create a display that catches the eye from the moment you enter the aisle.…

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Getting Inspired – and Staying Inspired Every Day

Though quite a bit of attention is paid to small businesses and startups in tech, it’s impossible to deny that most profits and power still belong to tech’s big names: Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc. Thus, tech entrepreneurs and tech small-business leaders must be more driven and inspired than entrepreneurs and small-business leaders in other fields – and most go above and beyond in this respect. In fact, most create paragons of diligence and determinedness, and few ever seem to back down once they’ve made up their minds.

Get inspired

However, seeming isn’t necessarily being. Most small tech leaders, even those who appear undaunted, require motivation every day, and not all their inspiration comes from within.…

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Small Business Accessibility 101

Did you know that 50 million Americans have a disability of some sort? This is 18% of the population. Many of these disabled persons are your very customers – or potential customers. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) took effect in March 2011 and sets standards for disabled accessibility.

The ADA requires “reasonable accommodations” by law in both the private and public sector.

Many small businesses don’t know the actual definition of an employer under the ADA. The ADA defines an employer as someone who:

  • Employs 15 or more full-time employees every business day
  • Employs the above for 20 or more weeks per year
  • Engages in a commerce industry

If your business doesn’t meet this criterion, you won’t need to follow Title I of the law.…

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