4 Success Skills for Budding Entrepreneurs

Could you be a successful entrepreneur? If you’ve been dreaming of owning your own business, bringing an idea to market, or launching a whole new industry—5 specific skills will help you achieve your goals.

Young entrepreneur

Set Goals That Get You Out of Bed in the Morning

Great entrepreneurs are fueled from the inside. They have inspiring goals that keep them up at night, ready for the opportunity, and constantly building their skills.

If your goals are not inspiring, it’s not likely that you’ll feel motivated to achieve them. However, if your goals are rooted in a passion to do good, serve your community, and solve existing problems, you’ll be positioned for success.…

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Things You Should Do Before Starting Your Own Business

Branching out on your own and starting a business is a scary thing. Whether you’ve funded the endeavour yourself or taken a loan, whether you’re working alone or with a small team… there’s a lot of money and at least one person’s livelihood on the line.

Busy statup business owner

Don’t let this scare you off though! Starting a business can be hugely rewarding and it may well be the best thing you ever do! Let us give you a few tips to help you get started. We’ve got your back!

1. Start Strong

Starting a business can be difficult and very risky. It’s easy to throw all of your time and resources at it, but starting off on the right foot makes all the difference.…

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Becoming a Successful Consultant as a Python Developer

Businesses use several employee-hiring models. There are full-time staff, consultants (also called freelancers), part-time employees, and contract workers.

Python consultant

photo credit: ThisIsEngineering / Pexels

Before you decide to embark on a career as a Python consultant, know first what it entails and clearly understand what you need to do to succeed. Explaining all this is the purpose of this article.

What does a Python consultant do?

A Python consultant is a Python programming language expert hired to help with a specific task or project. Employers generally expect successful Python consultants to be expert–or at least competent in–several other computer languages too.

Most employers will also expect consultants to bring considerable knowledge and soft skills like Agile programming and scrum membership.…

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Cakes and Shakes – 6 Steps to Opening a Cafe

More and more people are giving up alcohol, steering clear of bars, and opting to chill out in cafes and coffee houses. The popularity of these hangouts is on the increase.

Cafe business

Have you always loved baking cakes, cooking, and entertaining people? Are you looking for a change of career or an opportunity to be your own boss? Why not consider opening a cafe? Here are 6 steps to doing just that.


After you have worked out your finances, compiled a business plan and budget, you need to find premises for your cafe.

Initially, you may want to rent a building until you find your feet and make some money, and then you may think that buying premises would suit you better.…

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Five Ways Breweries Are Advancing

If you like beer, you’ve probably noticed that there are many new breweries popping up around the country, all of which have their own style and preferences. This is due not only to the fact that beer has become more popular, new technologies are enhancing the brewing process to help brewers make better, more interesting beers.

Brewery small business

Whether you are interested in the process or simply like to drink beer, the industry and range of beers that breweries can produce is growing. Here are five ways that breweries are advancing.


One huge advancement for the beer industry is the ability to brew small batches of beer in-house.…

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Expanding Your Restaurant Business: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

You’re turning out the best food you’ve ever made. You have diners lining up to compliment you on your flavours, professionalism and turnaround. And the Google reviews are in: your business is a certifiable local hit.

Restaurant business owner

photo credit: Tim Douglas Via Pexels

Where do you go from here? If you’re like most enterprising restaurant owners in this country, your thoughts turn to expansion. How can you get your locally-loved product into hungry mouths in other neighbourhoods, other cities, perhaps even other countries?

Expansion takes planning and consideration. Expand in the wrong way – or too quickly – and you could risk over-extending.…

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Top Careers with Potential to Become Business Opportunities

Careers play a critical role in people’s lives. A new generation of workers, known as “millennials,” are taking on more varied career paths and becoming entrepreneurs early.

Graphic designer

With the rise in entrepreneurship, there is also an increase in the number of available jobs that can become business opportunities for those who are wise enough to take notice. Here are some careers with high growth rates that can be turned into successful business opportunities.

Graphic designers

One career with potential to become a business is graphic design. With technology, anyone can become an amateur designer and offer their services to businesses for little or no investment.…

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How Upselling Can Maximize Your Catering Business

If you have a successful event planning venture in the catering industry, then you’ve probably invested blood, sweat, and tears to make it thrive. Kudos to you! But are you taking advantage of every opportunity available in your niche?

Children catering business

For example, if you specialize in catering for children’s events, are you making every effort to capitalize on this venue? If you’ve asked yourself these questions, then we have a few ideas about how upselling can maximize earning potential for your catering business.

The Art Upselling and How it Can Maximize Earnings for Your Catering Business

The best way to squeeze optimal revenue for your catering service lies in the art of upselling.…

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Online Business: Where to Start?

More and more people want to go into business these days. There are many reasons why, including independence, control over their time, and the opportunity to increase their income. The best way to achieve these goals is to start an online business.

Starting an online business

Do you want to start an online business yourself? In this article, you will learn how to start.

The first step: Create a website

We’ve skipped a few elements here. Of course, by now you must have decided what type of business you want to be in. If you have checked this box, you will have created a business plan, including a market study to ensure that your business will be sustainable and profitable.…

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What You Should Know About the Benefits of EV Charging Stations

While many countries are setting target dates in which the only new vehicles sold will be electric vehicles, the United States is a bit slower to espouse that sort of legislation. Even though greenhouse gases are hastening global warming and climate change, it appears as though the energy sector still has a strong hold on the economy and legislation that would help to begin reversing the damage our carbon footprint is responsible for.

Electric car charging at an EV changing station

photo credit: Mike / Pexels

What does this mean in today’s economy and, more importantly, for today’s business owner? It could mean a huge boost to your bottom line if you understand the current demographics of today’s EV owner and how you can use that to your advantage.…

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