5 Ways Data Rooms Keep Business Information Secure

Data rooms are a place where businesses can securely store confidential information. Although data rooms can exist in a physical location, there are also virtual data rooms (or VDRs). These online software programs allow you to securely store your company’s most private information.

Data rooms

The main benefit of these “rooms” is that they allow you to keep your company’s sensitive information secure while also making documents shareable to those who need to gain access to them. Let’s take a closer look at five ways data rooms keep business information secure.

1. Data Rooms Protect Client Data

Some businesses still use databases, which are prone to security breaches.…

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How to Ensure a Successful SD-WAN Implementation in a Few Steps

Software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) is a computerized and programmed method of controlling commercial network connection and circuit costs. It translates software-defined networking (SDN) into a solution that enables businesses to quickly deploy a smart hybrid wide-area network (WAN).


Moreover, SD-WAN helps you efficiently and cost-effectively administer applications in the cloud as well as in other domains. Traffic is routed automatically and dynamically via the most efficient wide area network (WAN) channel given the present network circumstances, the quality-of-service (QoS) needs of the applications sending and receiving traffic, and the cost of the circuit.

Here are some important steps that every NetOps team should take to make sure an SD-WAN deployment goes well:

Identify Who Will Manage SD-WAN

After you’ve determined that SD WAN is the best choice for your organization and that it meets the recommendations of your procurement team, you’ll need to select whether your team or a managed service provider will design, purchase, install, and eventually manage your system.…

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How to Detect Plagiarism: Tips for Content Marketers and Publishers

Plagiarism is rampant in the online publishing and marketing world. Other issues include copyright infringement which can involve legal action. These issues have several consequences and can ruin your company or brand’s image.

Plagiarism checking

Writers can plagiarize intentionally or unintentionally. In deliberate plagiarism, writers paraphrase or rewrite the same sentences to make it seem like their own. Unintentionally, writers may miss out on referencing the source of their information or research.

Either way, it is not acceptable and companies must enforce policies and take strict action when it comes to plagiarized content.

Given below are a few tips for detecting plagiarism.

Have A Thorough Review Procedure

If you are a publisher or a head editor who is responsible for publishing articles, make sure you have a proper review process for plagiarism.…

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How You Can Send Faxes Online

Fax machines may seem outdated, but the ability to send or receive important documents and the like hasn’t lost its appeal. However, new technology is offering an innovative solution to doing so online.

Online fax

Indeed, if you need to send or receive a fax, you have more options than you may have thought. Let’s look at different ways to get the job done (and which option may be the best for you).

Send an Email

Sending a fax via email is often quick and painless; it’s no wonder there are more than 3 million emails sent each second. Large email providers, such as Gmail, possess a storage cap.…

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Signs You Need to Change SEO Providers

For businesses operating in the 21st century, SEO is absolutely mandatory. Because search is such a significant component of web use, ranking highly in search engine results is essential to connecting with an online audience and converting larger numbers of customers.

SEO specialist

However, SEO strategies shift every year, if not more frequently, because search engine algorithms are always evolving. Therefore, most companies utilize SEO services from digital marketing firms to ensure that their SEO practices are up to date — but not all SEO providers are created equal.

Here are a few signs that an SEO provider is not delivering the high-quality SEO services that business clients deserve.…

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How People Finder Websites Can Be Used to Identify and Combat Fraud in the US

Fraudulent activities in the United States are becoming alarmingly common in the digital world and people finder websites seem to be promising tools for identifying and combating them.

People finder

These websites can help detect and combat a plethora of fraudulent activities in several ways. Here are some of them:

  1. Conduct background checks.
  2. Verify identities.
  3. Detect and analyze fraud patterns.
  4. Locate scammers.

In the rest of this guide, we are going to explore what people finder websites are and how they work. We’ll also explain how they help in carrying out the 4 aforementioned activities in more detail.

Read on to find out more on the subject!…

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Maximizing Efficiency and Productivity with the Right Software for Your Small Business

Having a “tech stack,” used to be the exclusive opportunity of big business. It was considered a luxury—something that could give you a competitive edge. It’s not like that anymore. Now, tech is a basic requisite for staying competitive in almost every industry.

Businessman using small business software solutions

It doesn’t matter how small your business is. There are digital technology tools out there that can help you accomplish tasks more effectively. And while the price tags can be daunting, keep in mind that people don’t acquire software for fun. When you choose correctly, the product will pay for itself in the long run.

In this article, we take a look at how you can maximize productivity with the right software for your small business.…

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Sales Enablement Platforms: Understanding Their Significance and Benefits

The world is a market of businesses and competition is galore. The success of any business is ultimately measured by its sales and thus the need of the hour is Sale Enablement Platforms (SEP). A sales enablement platform is a single space or software which offers all the tools, processes, resources, training, and content for the sales team to enhance sales. It is a centralized platform that organizes, manages, and shares all information required for sales.

Sales enablement


These resources help the teams to engage and procure customers while strengthening customer relation management (CRM) and ultimately improving sales, driving revenue growth.

Incorporating sales enablement into the sales strategy can be a game changer for businesses.…

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Understanding the Different Types of Tamper-Resistant Security Labels

Tamper-resistant security labels are a great way to protect products and items from tampering or unauthorized access. They are designed to provide visual evidence of any tampering attempts and can also act as a deterrent to potential tamperers.

Removed tamper-resistant security labelphoto credit: Sergey Subotin / Flickr

Two main types of tamper-resistant security labels are available, each with its own features and benefits. In this article, we’ll take a look at tamper-resistant security labels, their types, benefits, and their characteristics.

Types of Tamper-Resistant Security Labels

Tamper-proof and tamper-evident labels are two security labels manufacturers use to prevent tampering and unauthorized access to products or items.…

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Your Customer Education Platform Helps to Maximize Your ROI

Many out there believe that a customer education platform is only an investment into an expanded support component, especially for highly complicated products. Yet, in reality, a properly developed customer education platform leads to much healthier margins and an excellent ROI on your overall product.

Customer education

It Helps to Reduce your Costs

Ultimately, with a fully fleshed-out customer education platform, this is an engaging guidebook for anyone to become a subject matter expert. That means there’ll be a significant reduction in needing a customer service team, as the answers a customer seeks will most likely be somewhere in the customer education platform.…

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