Should You Buy an RDP Server for Remote Work?

Ever since the Covid pandemic, most businesses have had parts or most of their business operations converted into a remotely worked procedure. While initially it was speculated that with the pandemic wearing off jobs would be restored to their on-campus status, many businesses have stuck with the remote work protocols. As it turns out, remote work offers advantages for both employees and employers.

RDP server

When we get technical with remote work we quickly find ourselves talking about the different remote access protocols. RDP is one of the most famous and commonly used of these protocols, with an exemplary operational history dating back to the 1990s.…

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Custom Software Development: Why is it Important for The Travel and Hospitality Industry?

COAX software develops, maintains, and sustains special Software and can help solve rather complex and non-trivial business problems or develop new competitive products and services.

Custom software development

Why do you need custom software development? Travel & Hospitality development provides an exceptional opportunity to build Software for the Travel & Hospitality industry, digitize processes, solve unique user/partner/customer challenges or business needs and create benefits specifically for you. If you do everything like everyone else, you use the same programs everyone uses, you keep your processes on par with others, and you will be in the IT market.

In contrast, Travel & Hospitality development services provide the opportunity to gain the ability to multi-functionally develop quality, state-of-the-art custom software that is an asset to many companies as they embark on a digital business transformation or create a stand-alone digital product that may be more successful than the company behind it.…

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The Illustrious Techie: Top Digital Design Tips For All Modern Day Artists

The modern world is driven by digital imagery. From billboards to social media platforms and everything in between, we pay attention to the images that are presented to us.

Digital design

The ones that pique our interest are typically also the ones we remember when it’s time to make our next purchase. And modern business owners are certainly aware of this, with more and more modern industries investing in digital design, whether it be the design and development of their website, or the arrangement of digital ads.

For digital artists working in this space like graphic designers and UI designers, creating stunning digital designs is truly all in a day’s work.…

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How Much Does Your Website Design Impact Search Engine Optimisation?

When it comes to improving website performance, there are several factors to keep in mind. Unfortunately, people tend to focus most of their attention on one or two factors they deem most important. In reality, there are several aspects of web design that impact search engine optimisation. In this article, we explore five elements of web design that directly impact SEO.

business web desgin


If you want your target audience to be able to find your website through search engines, it’s essential to make sure your site is designed in a way that will allow them to do so. One of the factors that can impact your site’s ranking in search engine results pages is whether or not it is mobile-friendly.…

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How to Determine The Best Heat Shield Material For Rework Process

Rework is essential in the electronics manufacturing industry as an effort to cost saving and reducing wastage. Moreover, PCBA reworking is vital in case the subject component is not available in the market, which happens many times in recent markets of low supply. If the extent of damage on PCB is low then reworking is an efficient solution. However, it comes with few challenges.

PCBA reworking

Reworking on BGA (Ball Grid Array) is known as area array rework. There are a variety of high temperature prone BGA components that might get damaged while reworking on PCB. In some cases, reworking can also soften up or reflow components in proximity.…

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Maximizing Your Online Presence with High-Quality Video Production

In today’s digital world, having a strong online presence is crucial for individuals and businesses alike. One effective way to enhance your online presence is by incorporating video content. It allows you to communicate complex information in an easily digestible and visually appealing format, and it can help drive more traffic to your website and increase your visibility on search engines.

Video production

However, to truly maximize the impact of video on your online presence, it’s important to focus on producing high-quality content. This can be achieved by working with a professional video production company, which can help you develop a clear and compelling concept for your video and use the right equipment and techniques to bring it to life.…

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A Development Team in the Project: Is It Needed and How to Assemble It?

You have come a long way and launched the application: found, studied the market, compiled a task, prepared layouts, found a development team, and controlled the process. The product is ready and customers are already using it. Time to open the champagne? Not really. Very soon, the resources of programmers may be needed again: to develop new features, fix bugs, and improve system stability.

Project development team meeting

Project support is no less important stage than launch. Technologies become obsolete, and the number of users grows. A product that suited you six months ago may fail today. So on this note, let’s talk about the life of the project after launch: how to assemble a team and hire developers with yourshoring solution from Turnkey Labs – the world-leading company for hiring software development teams for your business.…

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Top 5 Reasons you May Need a FSM Software Solution

As of 2021, Field Service Management Software had reached new heights thanks to the use of AI tools. Previously, it was necessary for a manager of operations to manually check on numerous elements.

Field worker using FSM solution

photo credit: Tiger Lily / Pexels

The following are examples of the kinds of automated information that service management software can supply:

  • Employee shift patterns
  • Compliants from customers
  • Waiting on instructions
  • Disagreement between dispatchers and techs, etc.

Here are five ways in which your company will benefit from implementing service management software.

1. Simple Service Administration

Benefiting from field service management software begins with the fundamentals of running a business, such as scheduling, invoicing, and employee management.…

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5 Types of Business Security Systems

In today’s technology-filled world, it can sometimes seem overwhelming when trying to decide on what type of commercial security system to get for your business.  Here we’ll go over a few of the most popular options.

Business security systems

photo credit: Neurolink / Pixabay

Video Surveillance System

Many times when someone mentions a “commercial security system,” a video surveillance system is the most common type that comes to mind. A video surveillance system is a popular option because it provides an aspect that other options don’t, which is video proof. When properly set up, the unblinking eye of a video camera and a digital backup can go a long way in rectifying whatever issue has happened.…

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Backlink Building Strategies for eCommerce Brands

The internet is an unparalleled source of information. Anybody can make content about any type of niche. But if you want to rank high in search engines quality content isn’t enough.

Backlink building strategy

photo credit: Pixabay

You need to be an authority on a topic if you want to improve your overall online presence. Backlink building is one of the best ways to do this. But what exactly is backlink building and why do brands need it?

Why Is Backlink Building Important?

Backlinks are social proof for search engines. It signals that a certain piece of content is good enough to link to.…

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