The Essential Auto Dialer Laws Every Business Should Know

Hire an auto dialer only after confirming that it conforms with applicable auto dialer laws – otherwise you may put yourself in hot water. In January 2020 there has been a potential class-action suit against a Subway franchise for breaking auto dialer laws is filed in the United States District Court in Arizona. The complaint alleges that during a four-year period, the proprietors of Subway shops distributed mass-marketing text messages without obtaining particular written approval.

Call receiver annoyed by an auto dialer call

Ride-sharing service launched in October 2018 Lyft is facing a class action on behalf of “third-party entity” text messaging consumers. According to the lawsuit, Lyft does not have the authority to send marketing messages to a large number of the persons it contacted.…

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International Criminal Lawyers and Small Business

As the nature of business blitzes across borders, whether that be business to business or business to customer, sooner or later, you might need the services of international criminal lawyers. The nature of litigation often spills over from commercial to criminal law as aspects such as money laundering and fraud raise their ugly head.

Criminal legal issues

International criminal lawyers tend to specialise in cases where two legal jurisdictions operate. So you might have an issue with a supplier in a country different to your own and need to bring a prosecution against them.

For example, criminal lawyers in Spain will be well-versed with Ecuadorian and Spanish law and able to fight cases involving two legal systems.…

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7 Questions To Ask Your Attorney During An Accident Consultation

After you face an accident, you should contact an attorney to help you out, especially if the accident will cost you tons of money. This matters if you got hurt at work, in a car accident or in other situations where it wasn’t your fault.

Accident consultation

As you visit with an attorney, you should ask these seven questions during your accident consultation.

What Legal Action Do You Think Is Best for My Situation?

Since accidents will vary based on the context and people involved, you need to ask your attorney this question. You can take different forms of legal action, which will also vary depending on the area you live in.…

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5 Types of Tax Fraud Activities You Should Know About In 2021

Tax fraud is a heavily laden term that means much more than an error in judgment. The violation occurs when a person knowingly provides incorrect information on the tax returns.

Tax fraud activities investigation

Strangely, a simple tax problem could spiral out of control and attract hefty penalties, including criminal charges and jail terms. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) treats all tax issues seriously, and this includes filing a false tax return and accompanying documentation.

Most tax matters can be amended with the help of an experienced tax specialist or attorney with a deep understanding of IRS investigations and tax laws. Here are five types of tax fraud activities that you should be aware of in 2021:

Willfully underreporting taxable income

Different background checks serve varied purposes.…

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Why You Need A San Fernando Valley Public Adjuster 

Accidents and calamities are a fact of life, sometimes you can get through life without ever experiencing one directly, while for some, they get to experience it more than once in a lifetime. These unfortunate events bring a lot of damage and losses and it is what insurance has been designed for.

Public adjuster

Since our lives, properties and businesses are unsure, no one can ever predict what will happen in the future. Insurance policies provide us with that layer of assurance that if something bad does happen, we are prepared for it and that we can recover our losses or have our damaged properties fixed and replaced.…

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Top 7 Reasons Why Your Start-Up Needs A Business Attorney

Are you going to start the business that you have always wanted to do? I know it is really exciting that you can hardly keep a thought in your head. Your mind is flooding with plans after plan. All you want is to hit the ground and make it happen.

Business attorney

When we humans become so excited and motivated about something that we often miss the details or minimize its importance. And one of the details is hiring a business attorney for your startup.

Top 7 Reasons Why Your Start-Up Needs A Business Attorney

There are several reasons that will tell you that you will definitely need a business lawyer.…

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Finding the Best Personal Injury Lawyer – 5 Things to Consider

You might be dealing with a personal injury case. Don’t fret, everything discussed below would help you find the best lawyer.

Personal injury lawyer studying cases


You might be aware of some experienced lawyers. But you can find the best solicitor by looking at their licenses and qualifications. The more there are, the higher the chances of you winning your case. And you’d feel confident, as you’d know you are working with the best.

If you’re dealing with a case out of state, a solicitor from where you live may not be able to help. Unfortunately, his license may not be valid in the location.…

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Handling an Assault Charge – 5 Things That Would Help

An unfortunate situation may have taken place and you could be dealing with assault charges. The below points would help handle the situation.

Dealing with assault charges

Stay Quiet

One of the worst things people facing assault charges do is to speak to others about what happened. Assault cases are a major issue, which is why family and friends would have to testify in court. You may have mentioned something incriminating to a person who has to testify. This could come back to bite you.

The best person to talk to would be your attorney. Everything the two of you discuss would be confidential.

A Good Lawyer

The moment you are hit with the case, hire an experienced lawyer.…

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What To Do If You Are In A Bicycle Accident

There are more bikes on the road than ever before. People are using them as a great way to go green on their commute. Even more riders are just out to enjoy life at a slower pace that a bike provides. No matter what your motivation for going for a bicycle ride, the fact is that even with more bikes on the road, there are drivers who don’t notice them.

Using bicycle for commuting

There are distracted drivers that are eating, texting, and generally doing everything except watching the road. And other drivers are just aggressive and always in a rush. This has led to an increase in bike crashes.…

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Getting The Best Real Estate Attorney 

One of the things that each one of us has to deal with as adults is that of having to ensure that the real properties we own and buy are legal and aboveboard. To do that, we need to sign legal documents and make sure that it follows all legal requirements and guidelines.

Working with real estate attorney

The reality is, most of us are not equipped to prepare such documents and we need someone to explain to us what all those legal terminologies are and to make sure that all stipulations are legally accurate and correct. Thus, for every real estate property that we purchase and sell, we definitely will need a real estate attorney.…

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