Are Annuities a Safe Investment?

As you get older, you should keep an even closer eye on your money. With retirement looming, the decisions you make with your finances stand to impact the rest of your life in a fundamental way. This is why many older individuals look to purchasing an annuity when they begin planning for retirement.


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An annuity is a safe way to invest your money and have it returned to you through a steady stream of income to ensure you won’t outlive your financial assets.

But for many unfamiliar with this type of annuity, it’s natural to be hesitant.…

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So Where Will Pension Pots Go if Not Into Annuities?

Baker Tilly, a leading national provider of accounting and business services, explores options such as bricks and mortar for your pension pot after the Budget 2014 bombshell.

Now that the dust has begun to settle after George Osborne’s totally unexpected pension’s bombshell, people are beginning to take stock of the longer term ramifications. Not least amongst these is how the 420,000 Britons who usually buy some £14 billion worth of annuities every year are going to respond.

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This is a vast amount of money and it is already quite clear that the annuity providers’ loss is going to be a major gain for certain other industries.…

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