From Banks to Blockchain: The Paradigm Shift to DeFi

In the world of finance, a new era is dawning – one marked by the rise of Decentralized Finance, or DeFi. This paradigm shift, moving away from traditional banking systems towards blockchain technology, is redefining how we view and interact with financial services.

DeFi - Decentralized Finance

In this comprehensive exploration, we will explore the intricacies of DeFi, uncovering how it is fundamentally transforming the financial landscape and what this transformation means for the future of banking.

The Traditional Banking System: An Age-Old Institution

For centuries, traditional banks have stood as the cornerstone of the financial world. They have acted as intermediaries in financial transactions, providing an array of services such as loans, asset management, and payment processing.…

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Are There Any Financial Risks While Using Blockchain?

Blockchain technology operates as a decentralized digital ledger that facilitates the verification and recording of transactions, ensuring transparency and security. However, it is essential to consider the financial hazards of utilizing this innovative system.


Discover the financial risks associated with using blockchain technology and how is mitigating these risks to ensure secure and stable operations.

Security Risks

One of the leading financial risks in using blockchain technology is security. Blockchain systems can be vulnerable to hacking, especially when it comes to decentralized exchanges and intelligent contract-based systems.

For example, in June 2011, an attacker exploited a vulnerability in the code of the Bitcoin exchange, Mt.…

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Understanding the Differences between Hashgraph and Blockchain Technology

Now that cryptocurrency and other related financial technologies have hit the mainstream, most people have heard of blockchains and may even have a working idea of what they do. But the world of tech evolves at breakneck speed, and a system like Hashgraph may also soon become part of the public lexicon.

Hashgraph vs. Blockchain

Blockchain and Hashgraph both fall under the umbrella of distributed ledger technologies, or technologies that allow their respective participants in the network to propose, validate, and update records of transactions in a fully synchronized way. Both are also being explored for their potential role in decentralized finance, where power over a transaction is shared equally among participants in the network and not exclusively held by one privileged party or intermediary.…

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How to Use Blockchain to Streamline Your Business?

Blockchain is a technical topic that is often shrouded in mystery. But as with most things, the reality is pretty simple. Blockchain is just a way of storing information in a way that makes it impossible to change.

Blockchain for business

The purpose of this guide is to help you understand what blockchain technology can do for your business and how it can be used right now to streamline operations and save money.

What Is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a decentralized, shared, public ledger. It can be used to record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way.

A blockchain is a list of records called blocks.…

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Implications of Blockchain to Different Industries

Initially, blockchain became a technology that will stop the transaction we make using cryptocurrencies. It is the pillar behind the exchange of cryptocurrencies that we are making today, but it was invented for bitcoin. If we analyse further, we will say that there will be an enormous change in the internet network if the blockchain is implemented.


With time, the technology keeps evolving, and different types of blockchain came into existence at It has confused the company about the option they should make regarding a company providing the services associated with Blockchain technology.

Today, the blockchain has spread far beyond the creator’s imagination, and it is being implemented in most industries across the globe.…

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Blockchain Benefits The Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is also an imperial industry because it provides goods and services to the people. Thousands of companies in every country are working to meet the people’s demands for the commodities and services. However, some areas are so complicated that it is tough to carry on the activities efficiently and adequately.


Also, the increasing demand for goods and services has created problems for the manufacturing industry. They are not capable of meeting devices due to the immense pressure from the consumer’s section at So, supply chain management and the other areas of the manufacturing department must be appropriately handled, and that can be done using Blockchain technology.…

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Report Shows 89 Percent Of All Traded Security Tokens Are For Real Estate

A recent report has shown that 89 percent of all security tokens traded are related to the real estate market. It is a clear indication that the real estate industry is starting to notice the potential benefits of blockchain technology and security tokens. We will discuss why security tokens are so popular in real estate.

Real estate security tokens

1. Security Tokens Offer several Advantages to The Real Estate Market

The first and most obvious advantage is that they offer a new way to raise capital. One can sell security tokens to investors in exchange for funding, which they use to finance projects or expand businesses.…

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Bitcoin and Blockchain: Applications in Tourism

The way we travel after the epidemic has altered drastically. The hassles of purchasing and holiday organization have lessened the pleasure of a new trip. COVID-19 has exposed the travel sector to a new degree of uncertainty.

Blockchain apps in travel and tourism

The tourist sector now requires a holistic approach to addressing its post-pandemic issues. Consumers now demand safe, distinctive, and customized experiences from their guests. Travel firms that can provide these win – and maintain – the trust of passengers.

Big data, AI and IoT can support the customization requirements of passengers via digital transformation by blockchain development. In 2017, the world tourist market reached USD 8 trillion.…

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Bitcoin and Blockchain: Sports Applications

patrick lee Blockchains adopted in various sectors have never been under the paradigm of blockchain service for whatever reason. But readers would be astonished to realize that Blockchain in the sports sector may find use and purpose. To grasp this notion in-depth, read on.

NBA Top Shot screenshot

photo credit: YouTube

It immediately becomes clear that blockchain technology is much more than Bitcoin. Every day novel uses arise in banking, healthcare, media, government, and other areas. As blockchain technology progresses, it is becoming a helpful instrument in a broad range of areas, including sports, a surprise area in which it gains momentum fast.

This kind of innovation is increasingly crucial for the survival of clubs, particularly when the ticket sales revenue has been struck severely by the COVID-19 epidemic.…

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4 Ways Blockchain Is Revolutionizing the Industrial Sector

The blockchain has proved to be a revolutionary technology. One that has not only sent seismic shocks across the societal fabric but also uprooted the future of the industrial sector.


Around the world, global supply chains, healthcare providers, food and beverage manufacturers, government bodies, and innovation think tanks are leveraging different ways they can integrate blockchain into their existing protocols.

Because the Blockchain is a decentralized ledger that has the capacity to store huge sums of data, and process it efficiently, its utility in the industry is unquestionable. Many leaders have already found ways to utilize the Blockchain to achieve visionary business benefits, and with the rise of the blockchain API, integration is becoming possible across industrial lines.…

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