Report Shows 89 Percent Of All Traded Security Tokens Are For Real Estate

A recent report has shown that 89 percent of all security tokens traded are related to the real estate market. It is a clear indication that the real estate industry is starting to notice the potential benefits of blockchain technology and security tokens. We will discuss why security tokens are so popular in real estate.

Real estate security tokens

1. Security Tokens Offer several Advantages to The Real Estate Market

The first and most obvious advantage is that they offer a new way to raise capital. One can sell security tokens to investors in exchange for funding, which they use to finance projects or expand businesses. Security tokens also offer increased liquidity, as one can trade them on secondary markets. It means that investors can exit their positions more efficiently, not tied to a single project or company.

Another advantage of security tokens is that they offer increased transparency. By nature, blockchain technology is transparent and immutable. All transactions keep records on the blockchain, and they cannot be altered or deleted. This level of transparency can help build trust between parties, and it can also help prevent fraud.

Finally, security tokens offer several benefits to the real estate industry specifically. One of the most important benefits is that one can use them to fractionalize ownership of assets. It means that investors can purchase a small portion of an asset, such as a property, and they can benefit from the asset’s appreciation without having to own the entire thing.

2. Has A Competitive Advantage in The Market Place

The report has found that most traded security tokens are for real estate. It is likely because the real estate industry is one of the few industries that can take advantage of all the benefits that security tokens offer. For example, as we mentioned before, security tokens offer a new way to raise capital and increase liquidity. These are significant advantages that the real estate industry has over other industries.

Another competitive advantage that the real estate industry has is already a very mature market. It means that there is already a lot of infrastructure in place, and there are many established players. It makes it easier for new projects to get off the ground, and it also makes it easier for investors to find projects they are interested in.

Another competitive advantage is that the real estate industry is very regulated. It means that there are already many rules and regulations that can help protect investors. It means that the industry is less risky, and it also means that there is more trust between parties.

Lastly, the real estate industry is already very familiar with fractional ownership. The industry is well-positioned to take advantage of security tokens, offering fractional ownership.


The real estate industry is starting to take notice of the potential benefits offered by security tokens. Security tokens provide several advantages to the real estate market, such as a new way to raise capital, increased liquidity, and increased transparency. The real estate industry is well-positioned to take advantage of this new technology.


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