The Benefits of Using a Mobile Event Application

In this digital era, smartphones are becoming increasingly popular. About 83.72% of people worldwide own a smartphone. Being portable and accessible, smartphones are highly convenient, hence their quick adoption. This has opened up new opportunities, some driven by a necessity like event applications. In a recent survey, about 35% of the event planners agreed that this event technology has been among the most significant game-changers for the sector.

Event attendee is using a mobile event application

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Mobile event apps are now a vital part of many events. All-in-one mobile event applications that allow attendees to view event schedules, book tickets, post images, scan their tickets, follow live updates, and interact with other attendees are becoming increasingly popular.

But why are mobile event applications growing in popularity? Below are the benefits of mobile event apps.

11 The Benefits Of Using A Mobile Event Application

1. One Brand – Several Events

Instead of developing a new mobile event app up from scratch whenever there is a new event, a single branded commercial or enterprise application can serve as a basis for any/all company-related events.

Event mobile applications can deliver relevant, engaging, and valuable information and experiences built on past event attendances and anticipation of a future event(s). Hence, the attendees do not uninstall them upon the completion of the meeting. They remain on their devices, becoming a reliable/trusted communication channel and resource for the brand and the user. The company can persistently market its brand among various events and diverse audiences.

2. New Opportunities

A mobile event app can help the organisers secure sponsorships through the numerous opportunities they provide. They offer the sponsors a good chance to showcase their services or products to a diverse set of attendees. This is usually enabled by features like polls, surveys, and individual sponsor pages on the mobile event apps. Some event applications even provide for in-session branding, where a sponsor can put up their colours, logos, and call to action during the duration of their presentation.

The raw data obtained using the event mobile applications can help the business or company make decisions.

3. Personalised Agendas

Keeping track of what happens in an entire event is not easy. However, mobile event apps allow the attendees to set their agendas. This is enabled by a feature where they can include the sessions they would like to attend in their schedules.

The sponsors can also personalise the application with their colours, ensuring the clients understand the brand is presenting, which might drive conversions. This saves all the parties involved time and considerably increases the probability of event success.

4. Team Management

Various parties are involved in the event planning and organisation, from event managers, onsite coordinators, and admin to email marketers. Using a dedicated mobile event app, you can allocate the roles or chores to the concerned individual, ensuring there is clear communication.

In event planning, management, or hosting, communication is an aspect that can break or make your efforts a success. This is vital in analysing the time it takes to complete a task and monitor progress. Hence, it is essential to keep everybody aware of the ongoings.

5. Interaction and Engagement

An engaged and active audience translates into a higher quality event, better feedback, and a solid connection with/to your brand. Mobile event applications have various features like chat boxes, polls, and Q&A sessions, allowing attendees to interact and engage with brand managers personally. They can clear their doubts or make their concerns heard on one mobile event app.

Clients are now interacting with the vendors or suppliers using their mobile devices, and events are an ideal place for driving mobile engagements.

6. Event Lifespan

Branded mobile event applications facilitate content sharing and networking throughout the year. They also extend the entire event lifespan, strengthen the company’s and clients’ relationships, and enhance client interaction. The application remains on your client’s or attendee’s device, driving engagements past the event.

7. Networking

Upon being downloaded, mobile event applications allow an attendee to leverage social media and integrated networking to interact with other attendees and build relationships after and during the event. As the users expand personal connections, they use the app as a tool to stay connected and in touch all the time.

Enterprise mobile event applications offer the users specific access to the critical partner, customer, employee profile lists. However, based on the personnel attending an event, lead generation and meeting the right individuals becomes easier. Networking can be among the best benefits of mobile event applications.

8. Controlling Content

The mobile multi-event apps allow companies to control their content centrally through a content management system (CMS). Content creation updates and distributions through the entire mobile enterprise channels empower the event planners by giving them the ability to control relevant, updated content within the application. All this happens without the risk of sharing confidential or other private data or materials.

9. Real-Time Content

One of the greatest advantages of a mobile event app is its ability to deliver real-time content. Corporate mobile applications can regularly deliver targeted or new updates in real-time. This empowers the event organisers with immediate access to their delegation. Consequently, the attendees are updated with the latest available resources and information.

The event organisers can also get raw data or information on client sentiments from the polls, chats, or feedback.

10. Return On Investment

Most importantly, mobile event apps make an event better. About 91% of the marketers claim that adopting or using a mobile event application has, over time, proven to be a positive ROI. This is for a simple reason; mobile event applications help improve the event experiences for those in attendance.

They also help the host organisers improve their social reach, engagement, and word-of-mouth marketing. This results in happier event attendees, a fantastic return on investment, and more event attendees.

Final Thoughts

Once a novelty idea, a mobile event app is playing an important role in events; it makes the attendees follow your event at their comfort and makes the experience captivating. Because of the benefits of mobile event apps, organisers should leverage the technology to see success in their efforts.

Look for an app with many features to make the event experience more lively.


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