How to Protect a Work Vehicle from COVID-19 Spread

Protecting yourself from the virus that shook up the entire world is tough. It gets more challenging when you are working and have to interact with people. Whether you are in business and have to pick up products, share your vehicle with other employees, or have customers in the car, there are always chances of a germ spread.

Hand disinfectant, face mark, glove

Credit: KlausHausmann Via: Pixabay

When you are on the road and focused on getting your work done, it can be tough to focus on keeping yourself safe, but it still essential. Here are some ways you can protect yourself and others around you.…

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5 Questions to Ask Before Leasing a Car for Your Business

A business lease, also known as business contract hire or BCH, is when an individual leases a car under their business. As long as the individual owns a company or is registered as a sole trader, they may have access to special business car leases options.

Fleet car leasing

Choosing to lease a car as opposed to buying or renting one brings with it many benefits. It will be much more-cost-effective, you can include maintenance packages so you are never hit with extra costs, plus you may be entitled to some tax credits for your business.

Before entering into lease, it’s important that you research business car leasing so you know exactly what to expect.…

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Benefits of Contract Hire for Small Businesses

Today, so much work is conducted on the information superhighway, that it is easy to forget that we still need to spend a certain amount of our time on the real one, too.

For a manufacturing business or a retail concern, you will probably have at least one or two vans that you lease, but for other businesses, the thought of vehicles is one that is often shelved, and you will either drive around in your private car without a second thought, or perhaps purchase one through the business.

Businesswoman and her contract hire business car

Both of these courses of action can be big mistakes, and even if you are not spending huge amounts of time on the road, you will almost certainly find you can save money and bring other business benefits through a car lease.…

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