How to Protect a Work Vehicle from COVID-19 Spread

Protecting yourself from the virus that shook up the entire world is tough. It gets more challenging when you are working and have to interact with people. Whether you are in business and have to pick up products, share your vehicle with other employees, or have customers in the car, there are always chances of a germ spread.

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When you are on the road and focused on getting your work done, it can be tough to focus on keeping yourself safe, but it still essential. Here are some ways you can protect yourself and others around you.

1. Get Your Vehicle from a Place You Trust

If you are starting a new business and are searching for new cars or commercial trucks for sale try going to a trustworthy dealership that has been around for a long time. After you visit them, ask them if the vehicle has been previously used and ask them to clean the car thoroughly for your safety. As a professional, they most likely have measures in place to ensure customer safety. Please book an appointment beforehand to avoid reaching during peak times. Once you are there, discuss safety regarding both the vehicle and ways to limit the virus.

2. Make Disinfectants Your Best Friend

To protect your vehicle against any germs spread through touch on the surface, make it a habit to carry a disinfectant at all times. Some products have evidence against COVID-19 and work better than others. Try to look for something that is strong and can fight the virus. Also, consider carrying disinfectant wipes to neutralize the COVID-19 virus. Make sure you use the disinfectant inside out, especially on the vehicle door handles. Do your research before purchasing a product because some disinfectants can be harmful to your car’s interior.

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3. Wash Your Hands After Every Touch

This one goes without saying since the entire world has been discussing the need for it, but make sure to wash your hands after touching anything new. Avoid shaking hands with others, even if you met them the day before. You don’t know where they have been and whose hands they have shaken. Carry water in your vehicle, do a nice and long cleanup, and follow up with hand sanitizer. Don’t forget to wear gloves when you are carrying something in.

4. Have a Pre-Trip Routine

Even if you know all the basics and have every part of the daily routine glued into your mind, create a mental (or even physical if it helps) checklist. Make it a habit to follow all the steps to remain safe every day – such as discarding used masks and doing daily cleanups.

5. Ventilate the Germs Away

A recent study has found out ventilation is critical when trying to reduce the spread of COVID-19 within a vehicle. Experts advise rolling down all the windows to increase airflow in a moving car. If that is not possible, the suggestion is to have the driver and passenger open the windows opposite them. The method may not apply to more oversized vehicles such as vans or trucks, but the more air circulates the transport, it minimizes cross-contamination.

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6. Get Others on Board

If your work requires letting other people come into your vehicle, such as a co-worker, or passenger for jobs like Uber service, then ask them to cooperate with your plan to stay safe. Provide hand sanitizers for them to use and ensure that every person in the vehicle is wearing a mask at all times.

Going to work in the middle of a pandemic is challenging. Adding all these steps to the mix might contribute to demotivation during work. But, if you look on the bright side, these steps will help reduce the spread, and the sooner we adapt, the sooner this “new normal” can go away!


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