WELL Building Standard V2: Designing Healthy Workplaces

In the middle of a pandemic, the International WELL Building Institute wants to transform communities and buildings to help people succeed while bringing a cutting-edge WELL building standard. Let’s find out how.

WELL Building Standard V2 for Commercial building with green lawn

The WELL building standard is a green building rating system based on performance. It aims to provide strategies and guidelines for building, designing, and operating built environments to boost well-being, human health, and productivity.

Why do buildings need WELL certification?

According to research, people spend about 90% of their time indoors. On average, companies spend about 90% on employees and their salaries. The WELL standard is all about ensuring that the employees are happier, healthier, and more productive.…

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Major Components of Kosher Certification

There are many reasons a company would be interested in gaining Kosher Certification. One of the major ones is the large market for kosher products amongst members of the Jewish faith. A second is there is an increased public perception that slaughter practices under kosher rules are healthier and therefore kosher meat is a better option for consumers in general who are worried about their health.

Kosher certification for restaurants

For these reasons many companies are exploring kosher certification and the process involved with it. For many companies it can involve setting up a separate set of processes either within the same facility or in adjacent premises to ensure that all of the food is prepared in accordance with kosher regulations.…

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