What are The Main Challenges Faced by UK Businesses in China?

Entrepreneurialism is well and truly a virtue in this day and age, when the business landscape in the UK is the friendliest to start-ups it has ever been. But, despite the major victories won by small businesses in recent years, the domestic landscape is becoming more hostile.

Rolls Royce

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Rising inflation, and consequently, rising overheads, have made it nigh-impossible for certain businesses to turn a profit. Meanwhile, our changing relationship with the Eurozone has led to increased red tape and higher import costs. As such, expanding internationally means something different to today’s growing business.

Indeed, businesses are more often looking farther afield to grow their footprint, as trade deals are struck with non-EU countries.…

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7 Common Business Challenges and How Tech Can Help

While 2020 presented many setbacks for business with the sudden onset of COVID-19, 2021 taught companies how to survive even in the midst of a pandemic. Many digital and technological solutions have played a prominent role in uplifting the business world and helping overcome the effects and challenges of the pandemic. However, as existing problems continue and new ones continually present themselves, many businesses continue to struggle.

Strategic planning with the help of tech

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Below are the seven major challenges faced by modern businesses and the technological solutions that can help.

1. IT integration, Strategic Planning, and Maintenance

Many businesses that have recently embraced high-end digital solutions face IT integration issues.…

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6 Critical Challenges Faced By Businesses in Singapore

Did you know that there are 323,697 local and foreign companies operating in Singapore? Many of these companies must have crossed so many hurdles to support their business. Though Singapore’s government provides many financial aids for businesses, it’s still challenging to be one of the few businesses that access government subsidies. What should a business person do in such cases?

Businessman in Singapore

Every business owner would agree that raising funds is one of the most challenging parts of running a business. That’s why many of them raise funds from a licensed money lender Singapore to support their business. Apart from raising funds, there are some other difficulties enterprises face.…

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5 Challenges Faced by Small Businesses in 2015

Companies face difficult challenges in today’s competitive business world. Some researchers estimate that about 50 percent of companies only last four or five years before going out of business. To avoid failure, entrepreneurs need to know how they can face these five common challenges in 2015.


1. Keeping Up with Regulations

Large companies hire lawyers to make sure they follow the latest regulations for their industries. Small businesses rarely have enough money to keep lawyers on retainer. This can make it difficult for them to keep up with evolving regulations.

There are several ways to lower the costs of regulatory compliance.…

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