How to Handle Controversial Topics in the Workplace

In any workplace, there will always be controversial topics. Whether it’s politics, religion, or even just different opinions on the best way to do something, these topics can cause tension and conflict.

Colleagues having serious talk

While it’s important to allow employees to express their opinions, as long as they do so respectfully, there are some steps you can take to help manage controversial topics and keep the peace in your workplace.

Let’s take at some common controversial topics you might face in the workplace and some of the steps you can take to handle them.

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Sexual orientation has long been a controversial topic in the workplace.…

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Turning Office Small Talk Into Smart Conversation

You’ve heard the saying ‘time is money’; this is true in most elements of your life but especially true when you are thinking about starting a company or building your business.

Creating your own small empire is a fantastic idea and one that can bring a number of awards, success, potentially fame and security. But getting from a small startup or even a medium sized business to the big leagues takes time, money and effort.

Having a conversation with a colleague

Fortunately there are several ways in which you can smooth this process along. The ability to convert your office small talk into smart conversation is an important skill to learn; it will help to grow your reputation and your business.…

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