How Having Competitors Nearby Can Help Your Business Grow

Business owners in general avoid locations where there are competitive businesses, wrongfully assuming that the more similar businesses there are in the area the fewer clients/customers there will be for them. And naturally, fewer clients or customers translates more often than not into lower profits.

Competing shops

But even though this conviction may make sense at a first glance, it’s not entirely true. On the contrary, it has been proven that having competitors nearby can actually be beneficial and help your business grow.

Here are a few examples how you can benefit from choosing a business location within a short distance of your ‘business rivals’:

Attract more clients/customers

Areas with high concentration of similar businesses within a short distance from one another often tend to be associated with those particular businesses.…

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The Location of Your Business is Crucial

Whether you are opening up a new shop or relocating your existing business, where you decide to go is essential to the overall aspect of your business. The right location can both boost sales and keep your doors open, or it could end up making you close the doors.

High street

There are many factors to consider while you decide where to locate your business. From operating costs, accessibility and even taxes, these all influence the overall performance. Whether you are looking in a small town or at real estate in Calgary, the same goes for both.

Here are a few reasons as to why you need to seriously consider your location before you open up the doors.…

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Does Business Location Still Matter?

Today, location plays less of a role in the success of a business than it used to. New technology offers flexibility that can give businesses a better degree of competitiveness and facilitate collaboration on a global scale. That’s great news for startups and small businesses who are increasingly being priced out of prime London city-centre locations.

London City offices

But while office location no longer matters so much to your workforce, it does to your clients. Though customers can be reached any time of day via email, text, video and voice, where you locate your business still matters considerably, and can determine whether you succeed or fail.…

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Choosing a Location for Your Small Business

One of the more important decisions that you may end up making as an adult is where to locate your small business, if you choose to have a physical building. This will have a huge impact on your overall success as a business person, so it’s one decision that absolutely should be made with the utmost respect to detail, and not be taken lightly.

Office building

Five things to consider when making this decision would be what the space looks like from a virtual standpoint, what neighborhood the location is a part of, what kind of curb details are present, if the building site has room to scale, and what the history of other small businesses in the area are.…

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How your Business Location Effects the Perception of your Business

Think about some of the top tier businesses in the world. Yes, any kind of business – just bring to mind the first few that spring into your head when you think ‘prestige’. You might have thought of Google, or Facebook, or any kind of dot-com company, or perhaps you thought of a financial services business that’s a real heavy hitter. No matter what kind of business you thought of I bet there’s one thing that unites them all: they have a great business address.

Virtual office location

What do I mean by that? Well, a dot-com company is going to reside in Silicon Valley or New York, and the financial company might be in Washington.…

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