How your Business Location Effects the Perception of your Business

Think about some of the top tier businesses in the world. Yes, any kind of business – just bring to mind the first few that spring into your head when you think ‘prestige’. You might have thought of Google, or Facebook, or any kind of dot-com company, or perhaps you thought of a financial services business that’s a real heavy hitter. No matter what kind of business you thought of I bet there’s one thing that unites them all: they have a great business address.

Virtual office location

What do I mean by that? Well, a dot-com company is going to reside in Silicon Valley or New York, and the financial company might be in Washington. The address of these companies isn’t the thing that makes them successful per se, but it’s something that’s taken as a given when figuring out where these companies all lie, and if you hear of a new company and find out that they share an address with a huge company like Google or Yahoo, it’s fairly safe to assume that they’re in the same league as them. This is something fairly common in the world that relies heavily on people’s perception of success.

As an entrepreneur or a new business owner, you need to think of a whole heap of variables and figure out where to spend your money when setting things up, and how you can get the most from your money to convince people that your business is an esteemed one, or trendy one, or trustworthy one. Once you’ve moved past the point where you need an office space, it’s important to have the right kind of address to direct people to.

What kind of office space solution do you need?

The perception that people have of your business isn’t going to make the difference between your success and your failure, but it can certainly go a long way towards cementing your business’ reputation as a formidable company. So how do you get away with having a great address for your business if you’re not quite on the budget for that Park Avenue company? The answer to this is simple: Virtual office space.

There’s a growing trend of virtual offices that has been spreading across the world as more and more businesses move into the digital and online space, and as people look for more innovative ways to work in the digital space. More and more businesses are working remotely but there’s still a demand for companies to have a physical address. It’s simply not practical for a company to have a physical office space of a few hundred square metres when the team might be spread out across the world (and thus the office is going unused) so the solution is virtual. It’s the perfect compromise between the digital and physical working environment and a great way to get the best of both worlds.

The benefits of virtual office space

Some of the key benefits to using a virtual space are that you:

  • Enjoy the perks of having a lower cost office address, while still enjoying the benefits of the physical address for clients. You can use a virtual office a few times a month and have a dedicated receptionist who is answering calls in your name – without the cost of running a whole office and having empty space sitting there
  • Maximise your investment and ensure a lower overhead for the space – leaving you free to spend the money elsewhere as you please

The benefits for your business truly are incredible, and if you’d like to find out more you should take a look at for more information on how they can provide a virtual office that meets your needs.


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