Finding New Ways to Bring Business Through your Doors

Sometimes getting new business doesn’t just revolve around the things that you are doing online to attract customers. If you run a brick and mortar business in a local area it can help to do things to cater to the local folks as well, as they may be the majority of your sales.

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That doesn’t mean that you should close down your website or ignore your social media accounts though. In fact, they can be just as much help on a local level as they are on a global level, you just need to be using them right.

1. In Store Coupons And Discounts

One of the ways that you can use your social media accounts for your actual local business is to post coupons and discounts that people can only get when they come into your store. Have a new coupon every Friday, that’s only good that day. Or maybe give a secret password for a small discount that they can tell the cashier when they come in.

If you make it fun and interesting, and worth the savings they’ll get, people will happily print those coupons or bring in their smartphones to save money and shop with your small business.

2. Local Advertising

Don’t just advertise online though. While most of the world is on the internet now, there are still some people that like to pick up the local newspaper and enjoy reading stories and the ads. Advertise locally, put coupons in the paper.

You should also be putting business cards and brochures out there. The more people see your business name the more inclined they will be to stop by and check out what you have to offer.

3. Plan Fun Events

You can attract many more people to your business by planning fun events that bring them in. Think about having a family fun day where parents can come in and shop and their kids can get their faces painted, have balloon animals made, and even watch a magic show.

Events can really revolve around what type of business you run. If you have an antique store with a big parking lot, you could consider having a weekly or monthly outdoor flea market. If your business is in the country, a petting zoo once a year could be a fun thing to bring in new people.

The basic idea, when it comes to advertising and promoting your business, whether it’s online or off, is to be creative. Creativity attracts people. And the more people your small business attracts the more chances you have of converting them into paying customers, and possibly even repeat customers.

Utilize every available option when it comes to promotions, both online and off, and you’ll have the farthest reach.


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