Marketing your Small Business – from Online to In-House

The internet has become such an extremely viable way to market any type of business or venture, and because of that many businesses forget about the traditional ways of marketing and attracting sales. While being online and mobile is important for all businesses, big and small, it’s still just as important to market locally if you do any sort of business on a local base.

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That local base doesn’t necessarily need to be an actual storefront. Maybe you sell items at flea markets or art shows. That still counts as being local. So why would you miss out on great opportunities to increase client counts and sales?

Make Sure You Are Online

Again, local or not, it’s important to have an online presence these days. You will find that many people will search you out on their computers or mobile phones to check your hours, see what’s new in store, or to just “follow” or “like” you on the various social media formats. Make sure you are there so they can find you, and that you fill out as much of that information they’ll be looking for as you can.

You may also want to consider a blog. Your blog can help establish your business, and you, as an expert in your particular field. It also gives you a place to share anecdotes and more that pertain to your business, products, and/or services.

Use Traditional Marketing Structures

While it is important to be online, and your business would seem as though it were still in the dinosaur age if you were not, you should still use traditional marketing techniques if you are doing business on a local level. That means brochures, business cards, and maybe even ads in the local newspaper. You might even want to post flyers for special events or sales as well.

Even if your business is strictly online, you can still benefit from having business cards. It beats writing your name, business, and email address on a cocktail napkin! And, it looks much more professional to the people you hand them out to.

Be A Skilled Merchandiser

Whether you have a brick and mortar store or you simply sell at flea markets, you need to know how to merchandise your product. This is another big part of marketing your business, and many small businesses may forget these tactics when they are setting up their storefront.

Have display items, keep some impulse items by the checkout, and make sure to enhance the presence of any special items you have available and want to move quickly. People are attracted by endcaps, aisle displays, and certain colors.

If you use these marketing techniques you will find that you increase your sales and interest in your company. You just have to utilize all of the ways to market that are out there.


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