Why Businesses Need Faster Broadband for Harnessing IoT?

The world is running behind time now! Nobody has time and the same applies to the Internet of Things also. Everything needs to get faster to reach the top level first. Since a majority of the work done by t]he big organizations depend on faster Internet, it is important for the Internet Service Providers to deliver the demanded speed.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Higher speed requires better technology and higher costs which many organizations do not want to incur as it affects their profit margin! It is a vicious circle, indeed. With the tech advances in fibre optics and its usage in connecting high-speed broadband for business and residential customers, speed is no more a worry for the ISPs. They now can provide 10 to 10,000 Mbps speed of Internet broadband without having to make any changes in the internal infrastructure of the organization.

Harnessing the speed has become a need rather than a luxury now owing to its high demand from the various sectors including education and residential users.

IoT disrupts the business world

Machines have become an indispensable part of an active human’s life. Smartphones, smartwatches, smart televisions and every gadget used at home and office are getting smarter these days! The term ‘smart’ refers to the ability to connect to the IoT via the wired or wireless technology. As more and more gadgets connect to your base connection, speed starts deteriorating which affects the performance of the systems connected.

In the business world, employees would have connected their official gadgets to the office Internet increases plenty of their company’s resources. To tackle this issue, most of the businesses utilise the cloud technology to store and retrieve data.

When your organization’s productivity depends on Internet-based solutions, the need for speed, security and maintenance become more prominent. Being able to connect to a cloud-based business solution can reduce the burden of IT infrastructure within an organization.

Cloud working has become mainstream

Cloud-based employee solutions (e.g. project collaboration, communications, ERP, etc.) enable employees to work from anywhere in the world. Real-time data can make a big difference to marketing employees and in management decision making. With a faster and more reliable connectivity, the organization can leverage from real-time data anytime, anywhere.

Cloud-based solutions also make sure your backbone ERP is updated with the current technology. It also provides a better way of storing data which ensures you don’t risk losing the data even in the case of any emergency situations in your organization.

The need for speed

Speed is very important for online businesses. Over a slower Internet connection, the websites tend to get stuck or take a long time to buffer and load! With the fibre optics technology, many ISPs like Bigpipe Internet have been able to concentrate on the residential sector that always wanted great speed but very rarely serviced. The residential internet users need a speedy internet connection for online shopping which is a major market for most of the businesses.

With high competition in the field of IoT, the ISPs are competing hard to deliver greater speeds at lower rates without compromising on the performance. They come up with catchy ideas like ‘No contracts’ and ‘No cap’ internet service which attract the new generation Internet users. It is a win-win situation for both the parties as the ISP gets more business and the client gets better speed and performance.

Faster and reliable broadband Internet connections ensure better site performance which can attracts more online customers or clients and better productivity as you can work more effectively and efficiently – in which, all in all, will impact your bottom line. Money saved equals reduced costs! As the cost reduces, it increases the margin which increases the overall profitability of the business. This, in turn, enables them to invest further in the key requirements of better performance.

As you can see,  broadband plays an important role in your business, especially when your business operational is Internet-intensive.


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