3 Ways Technology Can Help Improve Your Business

If you run a business, small or large as a solo entrepreneur, then you use technology. Everything from smartphones to laptops to printers or scanner de bureau are forms of technology that help your business operate.

Business people using technology

The question is, have you fully investigated the ways technology can help improve your business practices, grow your market share, and make your employees’ jobs easier?

Here are three ways different forms of technology can boost your business revenue and improve your day-to-day tasks.

1. There’s An App For That

It’s true, there is an app for everything, and that’s fantastic news for you and your business.…

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4 Effective Tech Trends for Growth-minded Small Businesses to Follow in 2022

Every year, new technological trends emerge in various industries. Irrespective of the industry your business serves, it is extremely crucial to keep up with technological trends. Knowing the technological trends that are gaining traction or are being widely adopted in the market can help your business recognize and understand the usefulness of such technology for the success of your business in the long term.

Tech in modern workplace

As a tech-forward small business owner, tech trends can help you better understand and implement relevant tech tools to help your business keep up with current advancements, strengthen its position in the market, and exponentially grow your sales.…

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Technology That Can Help to Grow your Business

Innovations are an essential part of technology, and innovation in a venture is about doing your things differently. Innovations in a business also lead to superior solutions and products, as well as, better service to your customers.

Using scheduling software

An entrepreneur should invest in technology. Why? To put it simply, technology is necessary for performing your daily business processes. At the same time, it can also assist a business in achieving success and growth if utilized effectively.

A successful business does not look at technology only as a means for automating processes. Instead, such businesses also leverage technology as a fresh way of doing business.…

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How Tech Is Changing the Way Small Businesses Run

Technology propels companies forward, from streamlining processes to boosting security to improving communication and expanding research capacity. However, it is also evolving at a breakneck pace, and keeping track of the ongoing advancements is an enormous challenge.

Businesswoman using tech

In a tech-driven world, any company will not survive without embracing the changes. To determine which tech is most suitable for your organization, let us first understand how technology is reshaping the way businesses work.

Candidate Tracking Systems

An expanding business needs new talents to sustain its growth. Recruiting an HR staff to handle the hiring process is a crucial step. However, it is not enough to get the best candidates.…

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3 Types of Tech That Can Reduce Business Costs

Keeping costs low is an important way to minimize waste and increase profitability. When you’re running a small business, it’s vital to make the most of your budget. By reducing overheads where you can, you’ll be able to invest more resources in other critical areas and generate higher profits. Fortunately, technology makes it easy to minimize business expenditure.

Cloud tech cuts costs

photo credit: Pixabay

To find out how you can drastically reduce your outgoings, take a look at these three types of tech that can reduce business costs now:

1. Cloud Storage

Switching to the cloud means you won’t have to rely on physical servers to host applications, store data or run platforms.…

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Innovations in Touchscreen Technology

Touchscreen technology – something most gadget lovers take for granted in their everyday dealings with smartphones and tablets – didn’t achieve precision until the 1990s, but today, they are increasingly lighter, finer, and more adaptable. Innovative designers have developed an array of new screens capable of doing everything from bending to being projected onto any flat surface.


photo credit: Timothy Muza / Unsplash

If you are thinking of replacing your projector, tablet or laptop, ensure the item you purchase has at least one of these cool features.

Touchscreen Projectors For Schools

Most kids these days (at least those who use smartphones or tablets regularly) assume that all screens are touchscreens, so it is only logical that one focus for the touchscreen design sector is schools.…

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How Much Is Technology Too Much Technology for Your Small Business?

The desire to get ahead in the business world is likely one of the reasons that you became an entrepreneur in the first place. For that reason, it’s probable that you aren’t the type to sit around, stand pat and simply let your company marinate without looking to improve things at every opportunity. And, considering the age in which we live, technology has made it very easy to implement all kinds of innovations for your business. Really the only thing that’s limiting you from change is your imagination for what your business can be.

Self-service checkout

But that doesn’t mean that technology is always a good thing.…

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How Technology Made Real Estate so Easy

Since the advent of cyberspace, many human activities have changed, this modernization does not exclude the real estate business. These changes span from the availability of real estate information, how business is transacted, the bridging of the consumer-manager distance barrier and the attitudes of consumers towards the real estate industry. Time to discover those significant ways in which technology made real estate very simple.

Real estate agent

Increased availability of information

The old estate business is a restricted zone where all land documents were paper-based, and the transactions were done ‘man o man’ but the status quo of this present day estate business is a magnum opus.…

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The Business Bloom – Dissecting the Impact of Digital Software on Modern Agriculture

The paddocks, plains and orchards that make up the landscapes of our agricultural industries are not the sorts of places you’d expect to find agile, modern technology. They’re places shrouded in age-old tradition and folklore, linking us back to times passed. This is, at the very least, the lay-person’s’ perspective.

In reality, it is increasingly common to find cutting edge technology introduced into these agricultural landscapes. Traditional processes are being simplified, streamlined, and transformed into repeatable, capturable data to be managed by software programs. Corners of the sector hope that this technology could revitalise the industry, and bring with it the incentive for innovation.…

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Rise of the Drones: How They’ll Impact SMEs and the Future Business Landscape

Once only used for military purposes, drones have now become a part of civilian life overnight. Everyone, including small and medium size business owners are rushing to save their money and get their hands on their own flying robot.

Drone for aerial photography

With all that said, drones aren’t without many potential faults, particularly since they still represent a relatively new and untested technology. Mistakes can and will be made.

FAA Holding Out Until Recently

The biggest holdout in North America until now has been the Federal Aviation Administration. This organization, and others throughout Europe, are now inking and refining plans for safe civilian and commercial use of drones.…

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