How Tech Is Changing the Way Small Businesses Run

Technology propels companies forward, from streamlining processes to boosting security to improving communication and expanding research capacity. However, it is also evolving at a breakneck pace, and keeping track of the ongoing advancements is an enormous challenge.

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In a tech-driven world, any company will not survive without embracing the changes. To determine which tech is most suitable for your organization, let us first understand how technology is reshaping the way businesses work.

Candidate Tracking Systems

An expanding business needs new talents to sustain its growth. Recruiting an HR staff to handle the hiring process is a crucial step. However, it is not enough to get the best candidates. For this reason, many small businesses are using recruitment tools to attract and hire the most skilled applicants. In the last two decades, candidate tracking systems have become more intelligent and advanced in aiding recruitment teams hire the right person for the job.

A candidate tracking system enables recruiters to outreach, track and hire remotely whether the trying to hire HR staff jobs in Bristol or London, it’s easily manageable and makes it simple to broaden the pool of high-quality job seekers, then screens it so that only the most qualified applicants move to the next level. The process reduces workload and allows the company to save time and money.

In addition to its ability to scan thousands of resumes in a short period, candidate tracking systems also enable the recruiters to conduct video interviews, make pre-hire assessments, and get in touch with passive candidates. More importantly, it helps the organization fill gap skills and avoid hiring the wrong people.


There was a time when automation was only for big corporations, but not anymore. Businesses of all sizes are reaping the benefits of this technological advancement. You will find automation applied in office management, customer service, accounting, e-commerce, and many more. Automation eases the workload and hastens processes in almost all areas of operations by mechanically completing routine tasks that employees would otherwise have to perform manually.

Automating your business will drastically improve your output. You don’t have to be the size of a giant company to implement industrial automation using robots in your production. Processes in the supply chain, such as placing orders, will also be more effective if automated. For instance, you can automatically purchase raw materials in advance to ensure you always have adequate stock. You would need an automation engineer recruited to monitor your operations and guarantee that they continue to function smoothly.

Aside from operational efficiency, the other advantages you get from automation include increased productivity, higher product quality, and more empowered employees. If you’d like to incorporate workload automation into your business, visit

Agile Management Software

Based on the agile methodology, agile management software is a tool that employees use to break down complex projects into smaller, simpler and more manageable tasks. The use of this software will improve collaboration and communication among the various teams working on a project. Each team can provide feedback during the development process and work together to detect issues and defects early on. It ensures that the final output meets all expectations, thus preventing waste of time, money, and effort.

There is a plethora of agile management software in the market. Although they offer different features, most of these focus on customer collaboration, document compilation, division of tasks, tracking marketing campaigns, and planning events.

Peerdom is an example of an agile management tool that is ideal for small businesses. It is a role mapping software that enables organizations to set and oversee the roles and tasks of each employee. The apps allow them to track who is working on what project, hence promoting accountability and responsibility.


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