Why Cloud Hosting Is a Smarter Investment for Small Businesses

Technology underpins every facet of business operations today, and cloud hosting has emerged as a pivotal asset for success. This model allows businesses to store and manage data on remote servers accessed via the internet, a stark contrast to traditional on-premises servers. Its significance has magnified across various sectors, notably in domains as critical as the upstream oil and gas industry, where real-time data processing and analysis are vital.

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For small businesses, the financial aspect of technology investments can be daunting. Cloud hosting minimizes the need for physical hardware, which not only reduces capital expenditure but also curtails ongoing costs related to maintenance and energy.…

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What Small Businesses Need to Know Before Choosing Cloud Hosting

Small businesses are flocking to cloud hosting because it’s affordable, popular and makes sense. Cloud hosting is scalable, so the hosting provider you choose will scale as your business grows. And while small businesses can benefit from the cloud, there are a few aspects to consider first:

Cloud hosting servers room

1. Managed vs Unmanaged Options

Small business owners or teams will quickly find that not all cloud options are created equal. There are managed and unmanaged options available. Unmanaged options are ideal for companies that:

  • Have an in-house IT team
  • Need a custom environment

But small businesses that want a hands-off approach to cloud hosting will want a managed option.…

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7 Essential Considerations for Choosing a Cloud Hosting Service

You’ve probably heard that moving your business to the cloud has its advantages, but where do you start? What options do you have and what are potential pitfalls? You shouldn’t just pick any random cloud host, and preparation and careful consideration will help you avoid data loss when you move. Here are some considerations you should make before you sign a contract with any cloud host.

Cloud hosting

What Type of Reliability is Offered?

Reliability determines your uptime, which you depend on for productivity and servicing customers. If you rely on the cloud host for both public-facing apps and internal apps, any type of downtime results in revenue loss.…

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