How to Find Websites that Accept Guest Posts

Writing a guest post is relatively straightforward. You find the topic, you research what you need to write, you write it, you format it properly, add images and links and it’s done. Sure, that’s not exactly easy but if you’re already blogging you know that bit. Where it gets difficult is finding a diverse, reputable, contextually relevant set of websites that accept guest posts.

Guest posting

There are, you’ll be pleased to read, thousands upon thousands of websites out there that are more than willing to accept your guest post. The trick is selecting the ones which not only work well for you but offer the owner a great piece of content that works for their readers.…

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Get Noticed –  7 Places to Publish Your Content

Having a natural knack for writing isn’t enough to launch a career in writing. Typically, recruiters will want you to prove your abilities, and will ask you to show them your “clips” — meaning published articles.

Content publishing

If you don’t have a strong portfolio of writing, don’t fret: some sites will publish your work without much hassle on your end. Try demonstrating your writing talent by creating work on these seven sites to gain exposure and build a diverse collection of content.

1. Medium

Not only does Medium give you the platform to showcase your work, but it also enables you to create a branded profile where all your pieces can be viewed together.…

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