5 Essential Elements of a Good Corporate Video

To stay competitive in today’s aggressive business environment, a company needs to utilize all the tools available. Technology is at the top of that list. Web sites, email lists, and social media are essential to get your name out there and tell potential customers what you do and how you do it.

Video marketing production

One of the most useful advertising tools is corporate video. People enjoy watching these short films and they can serve multiple purposes if they are well made.

1. The Entertainment Factor

To catch the eye of today’s millennial customers, short, engaging videos have proven effective. This is a generation that has embraced YouTube and other video outlets for their wealth of content.…

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4 Tips for Hiring a Video Production Team for Your Next Corporate Video

Corporate videos are a great way to onboard new employees, introduce your brand at events, or attract new clients. Some can be informational in nature, or for training purposes. In all cases, corporate videos have to be compelling enough for your audience to actually follow them, but they have to be well made as well if you want them to accomplish their purpose. And this all starts with the right video production team.

Corporate video production

Here are a few tips for finding the perfect team for your project.

Don’t Fall for the Demo Reel

While demo reels can give you a general idea of what a video production team can do, they don’t show the full picture, no pun intended.…

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