Creative Financing for a Small Business Expansion

Is your small business starting to look more like a medium-sized one? If so, it’s probably time to think about expanding. The question most owners face when this important time arrives is where do you get the capital to grow the organization?

Creative financing for business expansion

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to go, but it helps to be creative when traditional resources like bank loans are not an option. For so many owners, the answer includes one or more unorthodox strategies, like turning accounts receivable into ready cash, selling a life insurance policy via a life settlement, forming partnerships with other companies, applying for Small Business Administration micro-loans, or going public.…

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Cost Cutting Your Business Expenses

business cost cutting expensesExpenses can be a burden for any particular company. This is something that a business owner cannot avoid. Of course, the prerequisite for a business to operate is start up capital. You can’t manage and operate a business from an empty pocket. You need to shell out money in order to start your business operation.

Since expenses cannot be eliminated, entrepreneurs must find a way to at least lessen the cost required for business operation. A successful business knows how to control the costs. Manage your business in such a way that every small detail of your expenses will be recorded and you’re spending at the smallest possible cost.…

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How to Buy a Small Business Using Creative Financing as the U.S. Economy Recovers

using creative financing to buy a businessThe U.S. economy’s worst recession in the post-war era has begun to turn for the better. Yet, despite the fact that the doom and gloom of the past 20-plus months may be behind us, entrepreneurs seeking to buy businesses still find it difficult to get banks to finance their purchases.

Fortunately, there are a multitude of other options available to business buyers and they center on an entrepreneur’s ability to use creative financing for his or her purchase.

Using Other People’s Money

The vast majority of small business entrepreneurs do not have enough capital to buy a business outright, and banks can present insurmountable barriers.…

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