How to Inject CSR Into All Parts of Your Small Business

With Gen Z demanding social responsibility and the pandemic continuing to impact purchase decisions, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can no longer be a satellite strategy for appeasing certain stakeholders within a company. CSR must be integrated throughout an entire organization. Unfortunately, small businesses may face several challenges when it comes to integration since many are used to relegating CSR initiatives to one department.


Thankfully, there are several proven strategies available to help small business C-suite executives better integrate CSR across all departments and divisions. First, let’s talk through the generation that is most concerned with corporate responsibility to better understand why CSR integration is so important in 2023.…

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From Company to Consumer: 3 Ways Corporations Are Giving Back for Social Change

In the past, many corporations tended to be self-focused; if we’re being realistic, most of them still are. However, some companies have begun to take a more serious look at the long-term impact their business practices have on social change and environmental damage.

corporate social responsibility

“Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) is a term that is now being used to describe their new business practices. The three kinds of CSR include environmental, philanthropic, and ethical labor practices. Implementing any of these strategies in your business is considered CSR and work wonders for company rapport and revenue.

For example, Sands Las Vegas Resort values sustainability as one of their top priorities.…

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