Key Peculiarities of Investing in AUD USD Currency Pair

Official stats affirm that over ten million dealers nowadays trade in the forex market. And this number permanently grows. Experts explain this trend through the fact that FX investing is an incredibly profitable business. However, specialists advise following specific trading rules to get income. For instance, selecting a proper currency pair (or CP) is necessary to succeed. Here, AUD USD would be a perfect choice.

AUD/USD pair

The specified CP suits both experienced traders as well as novice investors. That’s because it’s quite easy to analyze the mentioned currency couple. Also, AUD USD is among the five most popular pairs in the forex market.…

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GBP/USD Currency Pair – The Best Investment Solution in 2019

Although other financial markets, such as the cryptocurrency one, have emerged exponentially in the past few years – the Forex market is still unmovable. With a daily turnover that surpasses $5 trillion, the Foreign Exchange market is the top choice of millions of traders each day. Find out below why the GBP/USD currency pair is the best investment solution in 2019!

GBP/USD currency pair

The GBP/USD currency pair – Brief History

The GBP/USD is one of the oldest traded currency pairs and it is nicknamed in the foreign exchange the “Cable”. This slang term originated in the mid-19th century, when in July 1886, the first successful exchange rate between the U.S.…

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