Digital Signage Device Demand & SWOT Analysis By 2031

According to all predictive models, digital signs will be a mainstay of modern retail business by the year 2031. They will be just as common in stores as digital card readers are.

Digital signages

photo credit: Sinkdd / Flickr

What is odd is that most predictive models prior to the 2020 pandemic showed an equal mix of mobile shopping and digital signs. But since the pandemic, digital signs are predicted to be even more popular than any form of mobile/smartphone wallet payment service. This is because digital signs proved very useful for remaining contact-free during the pandemic.

Since most predictive models now assume that more pandemics are coming, it is safe to say that digital signs are here to stay.…

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How Toronto Small Businesses Can Leverage Digital Signage to Recover

Let’s face it, Toronto businesses have been hit hard. The revolving door of lockdowns, work-from-home orders, and capacity restrictions have been tough across multiple industries. The opportunities to capitalize on foot traffic, crowds, and in-person events have dried up dramatically.

Digital signage located in a mall.

But as businesses pursue their recovery, many are looking for innovative ways to engage with people in the public realm once again, and they’re turning to digital signage to get the job done.

Digital signage is an increasingly affordable and convenient option. Toronto digital signage company BIG Digital is one example of sources that have made digital signs both portable and easier to access.…

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How to Leverage Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

In today’s growing competition where no one leaves any chance, to be your choice or option, then you must be the first one to rule the possibility of grabbing your digital signage for clearer and convenient communication.

Video wall as digital signage

photo credit: Jeremiah Andrick / Flickr

Digital Signage form of digital technology where LED, LCD, projections, and e-paper is used to display digital images, video, web pages weather data, etc. for a wide range of marketing, exhibitions, and promotional activities.

Your Business points, which are completely different from the other, must get a wide, visible, and dynamic platform to showcase all the valuable products which are yet to be known by the world.…

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