The Business Benefits of Acquiring a Doctorate Degree in Education

It’s a good idea to look at your educational investments the same way a business person would. If I spend X amount of money getting a graduate degree, what will my eventual return on that investment be?

Businesswoman with Doctorate Degree

While the field of education is several large steps removed from what most people think of as “corporate America,” that same calculation ultimately applies. While educators with a standard Bachelor’s degree are villainously underpaid, there are educational routes that can help alleviate that problem.

Getting a doctorate degree is one of them. In this article, we take a look at how you view your graduate coursework as an investment.…

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What are The Top Benefits of Undertaking The Study With The Help of a PDF of NCERT Physics Class 11 Notes?

Undertaking the study with the help of PDF of NCERT physics class 11 notes is a very good idea for the individuals so that everybody can learn the things from the comfort of home place. Studying for class 11 physics is not very easy which is the main reason that everybody needs to go for proper training from day one so that they can accurately remain in the right direction to prepare for the exams during the exam times.

Indian high school student

Class 11th physics notes are specifically designed with the help of experts and are perfectly based upon the CBSE curriculum so that everything will be sorted out without any kind of issue.…

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16 Drop-Out Billionaire Entrepreneurs Every Business Owner Should Know

Have you been told that you cannot become someone in life?   Do you feel sad or dejected because you don’t have a college degree?   Or are you in the group that thinks education is the yardstick for success? If any of the above describes you, read on…

Education isn’t the yardstick for success, but hard work and determination is.   How does it sound that some of the world’s influential men and women today never saw the four walls of a school?

16 Drop-Out Billionaire Entrepreneurs

In this article, I’ll be sharing briefly, some of the world’s richest billionaires who never saw the four walls of school.…

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Can a Small Business CEO Have a Vocational Degree?

I am a recent graduate of a four year University, and I will say it wasn’t exactly National Lampoon’s Animal House like I expected. Sure I went to my share of parties and football games, but I also sat in a lecture hall Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and oh yes, Friday.

can a ceo have a vocational degree

When I first went to college I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do – my major started undecided, changed to marketing, changed to PR, changed to journalism, and finally landed on English education. For me, a four year University was exactly what I needed to get my thoughts together, and the career path I ultimately choose required a four year degree.…

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Perfect Your Small Business Skills With Open Courseware

Perfect Your Small Business Skills With Open Courseware

While yes it is true that one doesn’t need a Masters of Business Administration degree in order to run and manage a successful small business, the leadership and business skills one learns pursuing an MBA can in fact help one launch their business to even further heights. Unfortunately not everyone has the time or the money to return to school in order to learn a new set of managerial and business skills. But thanks to open courseware, it might just be possible.

Open courseware is a term used to refer to free online classes offered by various prestigious institutions such as Yale University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.…

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