The Role of a CEO: Navigating Leadership Responsibilities

As the ranking leader, within a company the CEO plays a role in guiding the organization towards achieving success. In this article we will explore the responsibilities that CEOs have as leaders well as the key factors that contribute to their effectiveness.

CEO leadership

1. Growth and Development

Successful CEOs understand that their journey as leaders is a process. They actively invest in their growth and development by seeking feedback from mentors, executive coaches and team members. They also find value in attending workshops, seminars and leadership programs to refine their skills.

By demonstrating a commitment to learning and growth CEOs lead by example.…

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5 Qualities of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Business leaders are not just great at making their companies a success, but they should also be great at handling their staff. After all, without a hardworking and inspired workforce, they will not be able to achieve success in business. This is why leaders are able to handle people, who are warm, approachable and able to handle interpersonal relationships.

Emotionally intelligent leader

People who have these traits have a high emotional intelligence quotient. This means they are great at being aware of their own and other people’s emotions. While these traits can be natural, they may also be developed and honed.

Here are 5 traits of emotionally intelligent leaders:


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5 Reasons Your Startup Can’t Survive Without Solid Leadership

If you asked 10 random entrepreneurs why they decided to go into business for themselves, you’d likely hear at least 3 common answers from each:

  1. The freedom of not working for someone else.
  2. The adventure of building something from the ground up.
  3. Being in ultimate control of their income level.

Whatever your reason, be it one of those mentioned above, or something completely different, you need to bear in mind that no company can survive or thrive without a solid leader at its helm.

Effective leadership

Here are 5 good reasons your company can’t survive without effective leadership:

1. Leadership establishes and maintains order

When it comes to the human condition, there’s no more scary a scenario than bringing together lots of people from multiple different backgrounds.…

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