How to Determine The Best Heat Shield Material For Rework Process

Rework is essential in the electronics manufacturing industry as an effort to cost saving and reducing wastage. Moreover, PCBA reworking is vital in case the subject component is not available in the market, which happens many times in recent markets of low supply. If the extent of damage on PCB is low then reworking is an efficient solution. However, it comes with few challenges.

PCBA reworking

Reworking on BGA (Ball Grid Array) is known as area array rework. There are a variety of high temperature prone BGA components that might get damaged while reworking on PCB. In some cases, reworking can also soften up or reflow components in proximity.…

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The Ultimate Uses and Working Techniques of Electronic Devices

Are you looking for the various applications of electronics in your daily life? Or, are you still confused with which Remote Temperature Monitoring System to use? If yes, then it is time for you to read deep into this article and look out for the applications of the following mentioned electronics, according to your need.

Device manufacturing

As the world runs on high technologies, living in that era, one must be handy with electronic gadgets and know their uses, advantages, and applications already. Following are the most essential and common types of electronics that we knowingly or unknowingly need in our daily life.…

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Start-ups: How to Get The Best Value Electronic Components for Your Business

As a fledgeling business, you’re already facing some difficult challenges. From winning the trust of your customers and meeting client expectations to managing your finances and, of course, handling fierce competition from the more established enterprises in your industry.

Electronic components

Another challenge that is often overlooked, is being able to offer a high-end service for your clients, deliver exactly what you’ve promised and all at a cost that is beneficial to you and your bottom line. It’s a difficult balancing act to get right and many start-ups find that trial and error is the best approach. However, those who want their company to excel within these crucial, early stages should take a shrewder approach.…

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Using Grounding to Protect your PCB

Safe handling practices of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) are not as safe as they may seem to be so, it is better to have excellent handling practises. To avoid ingression of moisture and contamination, there is need for proper protection otherwise known as conformal coating. There is need to protect your PCB from other things like fungus, corrosion, dust, salt spray and others that can easily damage it. Besides these, there is also a lot of electrostatic discharge (ESD) during the stages of development.

printed circuit board - PCB

With the advancement of electronic components, ESD becomes more and more of a threat. Constant movement of equipment, carts and people can lead to a major build-up of static.…

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