The Anatomy Of Startups

The Anatomy Of Startups

So you’ve just graduated from a reputable university and already wasted the whole summer celebrating. Now, you have this great idea for a product and sitting in an office is not an option for you.

With start-ups being all the rage right now, why not start your own company? After all, Zuckerberg made it with Facebook. We’ll, here’s a preview of what needs to be done and how not to fail.

Idea and Product

Ideas often come to people in strangest places and strangest times. You might be commuting when you suddenly thought of the next Facebook or taking a bath when an idea of a resort came to you.…

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To Connect With Customers, Invest in Yourself First

Freelancers and consultants are becoming much more the norm by the year for a variety of reasons. More people are taking their careers into their own hands, desiring the flexibility to work when they wish and with clients they covet.

But another form of flexibility shows itself at times that will help propel you from one level to the next. The small business owners who can show a range of talents, from writing copy to choosing good design, are the people who can make the most of their meetings and chats with potential clients.

Within any profession, attending continuing education courses and reading relevant journals and publications will keep someone’s skills fresh and polished.…

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Three Pieces Of Advice For New Entrepreneurs


It’s been 18 years since I’ve been a new entrepreneur, but that’s only given me time to figure out what I didn’t know that I didn’t know then. Looking back, I would have given anything to have someone whispering in my ear these three fundamentals about new business:

1. Build a solid, but flexible business plan.

Every successful business has a strong and comprehensive business plan to guide the company through the years. It’s impossible to predict the future, but prepare for all you can.  Spend extensive time planning, and then once you think you have it, keep working.

With that said, a business plan isn’t set in stone.…

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Relax to Succeed In Business

Relax to Succeed In Business

Running a business is often stressful and time-consuming; to be successful you have to be absolutely committed to your company, especially in the initial stages. As a result you can find that you are neglecting your own health. If so you need to take a step back to relax, this will help you to overcome problems, remain focused and stop you from getting ill.

There are many ways for business owners to relax, including:


If your everyday life is hectic chances are that you are living off adrenalin which, if not kept in check, can lead to burn-out. Aerobic exercising such as jogging or swimming, helps to get rid of any anxiety or stress you may have while also giving you a chance to clear your mind.…

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What Makes An Individual A Successful Entrepreneur?

What Makes An Individual A Successful Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur’s motivation and innovation are what drives a fair chunk of economies throughout each country. As there are many good and well known entrepreneurs, there are many entrepreneurs that are not successful.

What makes a successful entrepreneur?

  1. High adversity quotient – Challenges are part of an everyday business. No matter how severe the challenge will affect the company, an entrepreneur must be able to identify and solve it. Adversity quotient is a measure of how well an individual can face challenges. People with a high adversity quotient are those who are able to take these challenges and flip them over to create opportunities for the company.They
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4 Smart Business Lessons From Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is regarded as the richest stock investor in the world. In fact, Forbes magazine regards Warren as a man who made his wealth from the stock market although his success actually came from selling businesses.

business lessons from Warren Buffett

Warren didn’t become rich by selling stocks but became a Billionaire by buying and selling businesses. I call it, ”Berkshire Hathway”. In fact, Warren is not interested in the price of stocks but in the value of businesses. It takes determination and business intelligence to buy and sell businesses; that’s why I regard Warren as an entrepreneur as much as an investor.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you, 4 business lessons from Warren Buffett.…

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16 Drop-Out Billionaire Entrepreneurs Every Business Owner Should Know

Have you been told that you cannot become someone in life?   Do you feel sad or dejected because you don’t have a college degree?   Or are you in the group that thinks education is the yardstick for success? If any of the above describes you, read on…

Education isn’t the yardstick for success, but hard work and determination is.   How does it sound that some of the world’s influential men and women today never saw the four walls of a school?

16 Drop-Out Billionaire Entrepreneurs

In this article, I’ll be sharing briefly, some of the world’s richest billionaires who never saw the four walls of school.…

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Are You Ready to Be Your Own Boss?

behaviors that are essential to being an entrepreneur

If you have ever thought about starting your own business and being your own boss, you may want to consider if you have the personality traits and necessary skill set to become a successful entrepreneur. The following is a top-ten list of behaviors that can be essential to one seeking entrepreneurial success:

1. Seek Knowledge

Throughout life, we should never stop learning. Successful entrepreneurs will ask questions to gain understanding and then can put this into actionable plans. By asking questions, gaining knowledge and understanding, you can gain the wisdom to achieve great things.

2. Identify Opportunities

An entrepreneur must be able to identify an unmet need.…

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4 Ways to Beat Entrepreneurial Fatigue

Every person on the planet is prone to experience fatigue. As an entrepreneur, you are no exception. Some might say that running your own business would make you your own boss and that it would give you more freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it.

entrepreneurial fatigue tips

This of course is a myth. Running your own business does not mean that you have lesser things to do or a shorter to-do list than you had when you were employed. When you think about it, entrepreneurs get stressed out from the moment they start planning the business until the time that they are exiting it.…

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How to Buy a Small Business Using Creative Financing as the U.S. Economy Recovers

using creative financing to buy a businessThe U.S. economy’s worst recession in the post-war era has begun to turn for the better. Yet, despite the fact that the doom and gloom of the past 20-plus months may be behind us, entrepreneurs seeking to buy businesses still find it difficult to get banks to finance their purchases.

Fortunately, there are a multitude of other options available to business buyers and they center on an entrepreneur’s ability to use creative financing for his or her purchase.

Using Other People’s Money

The vast majority of small business entrepreneurs do not have enough capital to buy a business outright, and banks can present insurmountable barriers.…

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