Are You Ready to Be Your Own Boss?

behaviors that are essential to being an entrepreneur

If you have ever thought about starting your own business and being your own boss, you may want to consider if you have the personality traits and necessary skill set to become a successful entrepreneur. The following is a top-ten list of behaviors that can be essential to one seeking entrepreneurial success:

1. Seek Knowledge

Throughout life, we should never stop learning. Successful entrepreneurs will ask questions to gain understanding and then can put this into actionable plans. By asking questions, gaining knowledge and understanding, you can gain the wisdom to achieve great things.

2. Identify Opportunities

An entrepreneur must be able to identify an unmet need. Often it is spotted as an inefficiency in the market. By identifying a problem and entrepreneur can figure out a potential solution which gives birth to an opportunity. Top entrepreneurs are able to evaluate risks and seize the opportunity – taking action ahead of the pack.

3. Be Motivated

Discover who you are, determine strategies and solutions and be prepared to work towards your goals. Find meaning in what you do in order to gain the drive to work harder to accomplish your dream. Live a purpose driven life.

4. Master Your Communication Skills

Great communicators are the people who can make their desires known and get what they want. Being able to communicate your vision with others is an essential part of working toward a goal.

You should speak to others in a clear, concise and effective manner, with a friendly and confident tone. Learn about body language and be aware of what your posture and stance may be expressing to others.

5. Be Passionate

Being passionate about your business greatly increases the chances of its success. Passion gives you a reason to wake up and get out of bed in the morning and the energy to drive you forward. Passion is the lifeblood of fulfillment and success.

6. Apply Solution-Oriented Thinking

Developing the ability to focus on solutions instead of dwelling on problems is an important entrepreneurial trait. It is far more productive and satisfying to focus on solutions and be the key to unlocking the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

7. Have Persistence and Determination

The ability to stay focused is necessary to getting started. Persistence and determination are critical to accomplishing your goals in your chosen field of business.

You must expect to encounter many obstacles that can lead to setbacks but to continue pursuing your dream, you have to be steadfast and carry on. Sometimes it’s necessary to exercise patience until all things can come together and fall into place.

8. Nurture Self-Confidence

Having confidence in yourself, your ideas, and your abilities is critical to finding success. When you believe in yourself it helps you to put forth your best effort into every endeavor. Likewise you will expect the best results from your undertaking.

9. Visualize the Future

We can’t always have what we want, exactly when we want it. To make your dream a reality, you need to be able to envision the future, not just imagine it. To be a visionary, some simply imagine what does not yet exist but might some day and in this way make discoveries that provide a glimpse into future possibilities.

10. Believe in Your Dreams

Every business owner hits bumps in the road; successful ones find a way to keep going. Avoid negative people and negative thinking. Surround yourself with people who foster your creativity and support your efforts. Stay focused on all you do well to believe in your abilities.

Sarah LevyAbout The Guest Author:   Sarah Levy is a blogger for Merchant Express covering topics from small business marketing to the latest in payment technology. Read more of Sarah’s writing on the Merchant Express blog and follow her on Twitter @Sarah_Levy81.

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  1. Sian Phillips

    Very valid points Sarah. I think Entrepreneurs also have to be prepared to work round he clock and forego a semblance of normal life in the early days until they become successful and can delegate. Thanks for sharing on


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