How to Choose a Forex Broker: What You Need to Know

Everyone wants to make money quickly, risk-free, legally, and without spending additional resources or time. People can use this strategy through forex trading, also known as the trading of foreign currencies. However, shrewd investors and traders are aware of the crucial contributions that technology, trading facilities, and, of course, expert guidance and support can make.

Using trading platform

Both individuals and companies can profit from supervised direct market access and, as a result, trade stocks, foreign currencies, bonds, and funds among other things on many global market locations. Today, a large number of brokers operate both offline and online to help with the finest transaction execution at very low commissions.…

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8 Tips to Master Forex Day Trading

Trading financial instruments many times in a single day is referred to as “day trading.” Successfully playing a game of taking advantage of minor price swings may result in significant winnings. However, it may be harmful to beginners and anybody who does not follow a well-planned strategy.

Forex trading platform

Day trading generates a large volume of transactions, which not all brokers can manage. Alternatively, some platforms are designed specifically for day traders, such as the TradingView app.

The best traders are those who commit to continuous practice and progress. They investigate their own trading motives and devise ways of eliminating emotions such as fear and greed from the process.…

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How to Start Trading Forex for a Beginner

The forex trading industry attracts new entrants daily. Most of them are wooed by the thought that they will enter the market, make quick profits, and exit. Unfortunately, this is never the case because most beginners are not experienced or knowledgeable on trading strategies.

Forex trading for beginners

photo credit: Nataliya Vaitkevich / Pexels

The forex market is ever-changing and even the most seasoned traders need to educate themselves with the latest technologies and newest trading strategies. If you want to enter the wide forex market, it is essential you get informed first and then begin trading but it should never be the opposite.

Learn the latest trends

The forex market is ever-changing and new trends come and go but the core business of exchanging currencies remains.…

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How to be a Disciplined Forex Trader

If you have started your journey as a novice trader, you must have a motive to do so. You will be driven by a specific set of goals and take trades with a premium strategy.

Forex trader

When you will start making money, you will gradually become successful. But to be successful in the currency exchange market you have to follow many rules. Not only will you be following some rules but also, you have to give up many things. This is because trading is a stressful job. You cannot expect it to be a bed of roses or even think opportunities will come to you easily.…

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Can You Become a Successful Trader?

Successful Forex traders work harder from the beginning of their careers. They work smartly and analyze the market a lot. Newbie investors often take greater risks in order to earn more profits, which is not so common among the successful Forex traders.

Forex trading analysis

Professional investors don’t enter a trade until they analyze the trade properly. They study, learn the lessons, practice, follow the strategies, and finally execute them to ensure profits.

Can you be a successful Forex trader?

The greatest difference between an unsuccessful and successful trader is the sense of humor, consciousness, and awareness. To be a successful trader in Hong Kong, you should be dedicated to learning and building up awareness in yourself.

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How To Become a Successful Forex Trader In 2020

Forex or Foreign Exchange is an over the counter marketplace for exchanging currency. It’s a marketplace that is decentralized around the globe. This is the largest global market worth 5 trillion dollars. This is where you can exchange currency and make a sizable profit. However, working this exchange in real time is not an easy task.. In fact, most people find it difficult to earn a profit from trading forex.

Forex trading success

Most experts in the business of foreign exchange say that at least 90% of traders lack the knowledge and insight about forex trading and end up with their efforts all going in vain..…

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10 Tips for Beginning Day Traders in 2019

Wondering how to become a modern day trader in 2019? The following 10 tips will have you well on your way to success.

Screen view of stock charts

1. Know what is happening in the markets.

“Knowledge is power” is cheesy but true. You likely already know all the basic procedures and hacks, but you have to stay on top all of the latest trends, news, and events which have an impact on your business. A good daily or weekly review of the situation can make all the difference. Make a list of stock you want to deal in and keep up to date with what is happening with those companies.…

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Trading The News: How To Do It Right

When trading forex, one of the most important items to watch at the beginning of each trading session is the news. Taking into account that forex is up and running somewhere around the world 24 hours-a-day five days-a-week, the international news reports can play an important role in prices.

Using the news in forex trading strategy

Traders need to not only check the news reports of both of the pairs they are trading, but they must also take into account how events around the globe can send prices suddenly soaring or plummeting without prior warning. Whether it’s the newest financial reports or a local catastrophe, it can send the market in a direction you were not expecting.…

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7 Ways Technology is Changing how Traders Trade

From the time you wake up to take a look at the market’s performance overnight to the time you check how the market is set to open the next day before going to bed, technology plays a critical role. There’s no doubt that technology has ushered in significant advancements in the way we do things.

Trading technologies

These advancements have significantly been evident in the way traders trade. For instance, technology initiated the development of the online based MT4, which enables Forex traders to trade from any operating system or browser.

Additionally, advanced technology has enabled traders to operate and maintain a competitive edge in the cutthroat financial and Forex environment.…

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3 Reasons Why You’re Not Making Any Money Trading Forex

If making money trading on the Forex markets was easy, we’d all be millionaires. Sadly, Forex trading requires a certain skill set, and a certain degree of luck. Nonetheless, if you manage to perfect your trading strategy, you can be one of those Forex traders who makes money. It might not be enough to make you mega rich, but it could be enough to pay for a few extras in life, such as a dream vacation.

Making money doing forex trading

In this article, we’re going to look at the most common reasons why Forex traders don’t make any money from their trading activities.

Reason #1.

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