How Small Businesses Can Run More Sustainably

As a small business, it’s easy to convince yourself that your environmental impact is equally small. However, with eco-friendly practices becoming the business norm, mostly driven by customer demand, your clients may not see it that way- nor will the planet.

Sustainable business

There’s a lot you can do to ‘green’ up even the smallest business. Let’s take a look.

Sustainable Practices Matter to Consumers

Sustainability and eco-friendly practices have come to matter to consumers. Interestingly, this applies across a broad range of practices, ages, and other demographics. Consumers now feel empowered to actively push back against wasteful, planet-harming business practices, and they vote with their dollars.…

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3 Green Changes Small Businesses Can Make

It can seem like green initiatives, and changes are best left to much larger, better-funded enterprises when you are a relatively small fish, but that could not be further from the truth. All it takes is the will to make a difference and, importantly, knowledge of how and where you can best maximize your impact.

Small business goes green

There are myriad ways for small businesses to make green changes and maximize their green impact. Below are three such changes that you, as a small business owner, can make today.

Green Banking

Small businesses can feel that, because of their small size, their greening and other efforts to make a positive environmental impact will amount to drops in the bucket.…

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5 Ways Businesses Can Go Greener in 2020

According to recent research into the consumer habits of 5,000 respondents across Europe, sustainability is a top priority for the vast majority of shoppers. When asked about the importance of different sustainability attributes, such as organic production and recyclable packaging, only nine per cent said none of the issues was important to them.

Green business

“Greening” a business is not only beneficial to the environment, but it can also help companies to attract and retain customers, meaning a healthier bottom line. Furthermore, increasing energy efficiency can reduce costs and ensure compliance with regulations and legislation relating to environmental business practice. Establishing a sustainability policy and implementing ethical practices will also boost employee morale and enhance the company brand.…

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50 Shades of Green: The Difference Between Seeming and Being Sustainable

Green is the new black, and sustainability has been “in” for well over a decade. In fact, companies that don’t strive to support the green movement might as well close up and turn out the lights. In today’s ardently ecological climate, it makes smart business sense to build a brand on the basic tenants of sustainability, but too many businesses are giving the movement a bad name with less than adequate standards.

Bike to work

Even if you reduce, reuse, and recycle, your business likely contributes to a number of dangerous practices that are doing untold damage to the Earth and its people, and if your tree-hugging customers discover your washed-out shades of green, you might as well flip your “open” sign to “closed.”…

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How Could Going Green Benefit Your Small Business?

The reasons to go green are often pitched as necessary changes for the continued existence of the world with growing populations and pollution. While not wrong, going green often comes with a stigma of raising costs of business, and in an unstable economy it can seem dangerous to go through any dramatic change in doing business.

How Going Green Could Benefit Your Small Business

Here are some examples of ways going green can save you money and be good for business, all while helping the environment.

Any PR is Good PR, but Positive PR is Better PR

While it may seem like a bad way to think about going green, the fact is that it can easily turn into a great marketing campaign.…

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6 Simple Ways To A Greener Business

6 ways to a green business

Start-ups to large enterprises are looking for ways to be greener businesses. Aside from the fact that your company does its share to preserve and nurture the environment, it is also good for business since it would allow you to conserve resources which means, more savings.

We cannot control underlying forces which are responsible for price hikes of almost everything from gas prices to energy costs. However, what we can control is our usage. I am not a full-blown nature advocate. What I am an advocate of is sustainable and growing businesses.

Without further ado, here are 6 simple ways you can increase your business’ bottom line by running a greener business:

  1. Turn off all your equipment when not in use.
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