Are Annuities a Safe Investment?

As you get older, you should keep an even closer eye on your money. With retirement looming, the decisions you make with your finances stand to impact the rest of your life in a fundamental way. This is why many older individuals look to purchasing an annuity when they begin planning for retirement.


photo credit: American Shot 8.0 / Pexels

An annuity is a safe way to invest your money and have it returned to you through a steady stream of income to ensure you won’t outlive your financial assets.

But for many unfamiliar with this type of annuity, it’s natural to be hesitant.…

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Great Investments for Your Kids Future

Whoever said that the best things in life were free never had children. Bringing kids into this world is a huge decision that involves many factors. It’s the biggest decision one can make in their lifetime.

Investment for kids

Having children requires many well-thought-out plans to be able to provide the best for them. The biggest challenge parents face is the expense. Kids are expensive. You should start saving for your child the minute they are born. This plan sounds easy until you have a child and witness the pile of endless expenses that could amount to thousands of dollars per year; basic expenses such as food, housing, medical, and most importantly education.…

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