This is Why your Business Should Consider Invoice Financing

Invoice financing is something that can make a huge difference to your cash flow issues, but it’s also something that many business owners don’t know much about.

Invoice financing and factoring

With over £3 billion in alternative finance reaching UK businesses every year, there’s no doubt that money is available – it’s just knowing where to look for it that’s the hard part. Invoice factoring and invoice discounting are two particular types of finance that could help you to get on top of your business books. They might be suitable if you’re tired of waiting for clients to pay what they owe, or if you’ve perhaps been a little too generous with your payment terms, and they could help to improve your cash flow.…

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Could Invoice Financing Benefit Your Business?

Invoice financing can be a highly useful tool for start-ups looking to raise capital quickly, yet a large number of business owners don’t consider it as an option when they’re attempting to increase their available funds. In fact, many don’t even know what it is…

Invoice financing

What is Invoice Financing?

Invoice financing is an asset-based means of borrowing capital. The way it works is that a third party, known as an invoice financier – either a banking or independent financial institution – purchases unpaid invoices from a business, thus granting them instant capital for their customer’s outstanding debts. Many businesses find it useful to use free broker services such as through Touch Financial to assess which lenders will offer the best services and rates.…

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