MBA or MSBA: Which is Best for You?

The world-famous Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree had surprisingly humble origins in its birthplace, the US. Arising in the early 20th century at a time when industrialization was maturing and huge corporations were forming from the smaller family businesses that were then the norm, these courses were an attempt to address a new problem – namely, the growing need to apply rational, scientific principles to the management of extraordinarily complex, large commercial organizations.

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In those early days, they took the form of little more than a small number of accounting and bookkeeping courses. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and it has grown into one of the most intricate and highly valued advanced degrees among budding entrepreneurs, business managers, and enterprising people seeking credentials that can facilitate higher salaries and abundant career opportunities in the business world.…

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5 Reasons to Pursue an MBA Degree

Pursuing a master’s degree is a huge step toward advancing your career and increasing your net worth to employers. An MBA is the next logical step after a bachelor’s degree as an aspiring manager.

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However, many students struggle with the cost-benefit analysis of pursuing a master’s in Business Administration. They aren’t sure about investing their resources in a master’s program because they are unaware of its benefits.

To be relevant to big organizations, you need to have an MBA degree under your belt. It offers students many advantages, especially if you pursue it from a well-reputed business school.…

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5 Things You Need to Consider Before Getting An MBA

The Master’s in Business Administration is a highly sought-after degree that can provide you with various benefits. Those with an MBA hold higher management positions, whereas those without it tend to work at lower levels. The MBA allows them to negotiate a higher salary and secure a job in a highly competitive business community.

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The degree can prove very useful to your long-term career plans if you are interested in jobs in a business-related field, such as management or as a company founder.

However, an MBA does come with trade-offs, as you will need to invest your time, energy, and effort in pursuing the degree.…

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How an MBA in Marketing Can Help Your Entrepreneurship Efforts

In an era where almost every person has a basic education degree, it is mandatory to improve your marketing skills if you intend to succeed in entrepreneurship. One of the ways to do this is through gaining a post-graduate degree in marketing. Find details on how an MBA in marketing can help your entrepreneurship efforts in startups and already established businesses.

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It provides the Education Entrepreneurs Need

While the undergraduate degree gives you basic knowledge on how to start up a new business, it takes more practical approaches for you to boost your entrepreneurship efforts. These you gain through a series of academic events that include case studies on the most effective strategies in your niche, all-round marketing that involves social media and online marketing, teamwork and leadership skills that work, and management of funds.…

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What’s The ROI of your MBA Study? (Infographic)

Statistics show that the average person who has a master’s degree earns about $17,000 more per year than people who hold a bachelor’s degree. Not surprisingly, the prospect of making an extra $170,000 over the next decade convinces a lot of people to enroll in graduate school.

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Before you go back to school, though, you should think about the return on your investment. After all, you’ll have to spend money on tuition, books, and other materials. A lot of master of business administration (MBA) students find that they don’t have enough time to continue working full-time jobs while they’re enrolled in a graduate program.…

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MBA vs. MSA: Which One is The Best for CEOs? (Infographic)

If the lack of an advanced degree is holding you back from realizing your true potential, maybe it’s time to invest in yourself and your business by enrolling in a graduate program. Depending on your career goals, a Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) or Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree may be just what you need to take your organization to the next level.

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How a Master of Science in Analytics Education Helps Business Owners

In today’s business climate, technology is constantly changing the way you do business. An MSA degree will help you keep pace with these changes and use the data you collect as quickly as it is obtained.…

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