What is a Horizontal Merger? The Basics, Explained

Are you looking for ways to grow your small business?

With so much competition, it’s important to look for ways to leverage your position in the marketplace. For example, you might want to consider different types of mergers in order to combine resources and minimize competition.

Horizontal merger

A horizontal merger is a type of business deal that involves two or more companies. They are competitors in the same industry but merge together to form a single entity. The main goal of a horizontal merger is to gain market share. It also helps increase the company’s competitive advantage in the industry.

Here we take a closer look at how does a horizontal merger work and why it’s important for business.…

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Why You Should Consider Buying an Existing Business

For many years, experts have been predicting that Baby Boomers (around 72 million Americans) would over the course of the following two decades, begin to sell or bequeath some $10 trillion worth of assets, held in over 12 million privately owned businesses, according to research by the California Association of Business Brokers. Research suggests that as much as 70% of these firms will either be sold or bequeathed. Clearly, this suggests an increase in the average annual number of businesses sold in the United States.

Merger and acquisitions

Many of these sales may occur within the Baby Boomer cohort, who, statistics tell us, form businesses at higher rates than any other cohort in America.…

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Why You Should Use an M&A Advisor to Sell Your Online Business

Of all the possible deals a digital entrepreneur might negotiate over the course of their career, few will be as important as the sale of their business.

Online business for sale

While most business owners have a wealth of experience in their respective industries, only a small percentage of entrepreneurs have a full grasp of the nuances involved in the sale of an online business.

From establishing buyer credibility, to performing an accurate valuation, to dealing with the legal requirements for the transfer of ownership, the sale process is a minefield of potential risk for the seller.

In this article, we look at the different options a business owner has when it comes to selling, the benefits of involving an M&A advisor from the start of the sale process, and share the dangers of attempting a sale without one.…

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6 Reasons an M&A Specialist Helps Maximize Your Company’s Sale Value

Congratulations! You took your business from a concept to a company. You identified a problem, assembled a solid team, built a solution, and grew revenue. But now, you have fresh ideas and new plans. You’ve made the decision — it’s time to move on and sell your company.

Mergers and acquisitions

That’s a hard conclusion to reach, but it may be even harder to determine where to go next. After all, your expertise lies in running a business, not selling one. Who do you contact? How do you market your company’s value, not as a product or service, but as an asset? A lot of moving parts go into a successful sale, and each one needs to fall into place perfectly.…

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