Can Introducing Plants to Your Premises Increase Business Revenue?

Plants are fast-becoming an important part of modern design. Look at any new development structure, from apartments to corporate headquarters, and you’ll find greenery sprouting from every available space. Particularly amongst younger generations — although this trend is by far from exclusive to millennials — plants are an irresistible design choice for everything from external community areas to private indoor spaces.

Office plantation

This desire to be around plantlife has not gone unnoticed. Only a few years ago, Amazon opened The Spheres, a series of greenhouse locations close to its headquarters in Seattle. Filled with over 40,000 plants, the concept was designed to give its employees a striking green and natural space to explore every day.…

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Bringing the Outside In

Some companies just love festooning their hallways, reception areas and meeting rooms with flowers and other plants. The sight and smell of greenery (and any other colours you care to throw into the mix) elevates the feeling in a building and, according to NASA, living plants help to filter out airborne pollution.

Employee working in a green workplace

Other companies think that a floral touch is too frilly and makes the place look fussy and unprofessional; they may also see caring for plants and buying in new flowers each week as unnecessary expenses. On balance, though, if you’re looking for offices to rent in Teddington, you’d be best served by bringing in a bit of the green stuff.…

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