Bringing the Outside In

Some companies just love festooning their hallways, reception areas and meeting rooms with flowers and other plants. The sight and smell of greenery (and any other colours you care to throw into the mix) elevates the feeling in a building and, according to NASA, living plants help to filter out airborne pollution.

Employee working in a green workplace

Other companies think that a floral touch is too frilly and makes the place look fussy and unprofessional; they may also see caring for plants and buying in new flowers each week as unnecessary expenses. On balance, though, if you’re looking for offices to rent in Teddington, you’d be best served by bringing in a bit of the green stuff.

You’ll be enriching your workspace

Plants and flowers aren’t just good to look at, they actually do help to improve mood, motivation and air quality.

A study performed by the Royal Chelsea Flower Show showed that having plants visible in an office can make staff feel almost 50% happier. Of course, some companies prefer to maintain a minimalist look and feel, but they could well be missing out on a bit of extra well-being and morale among staff.

Maintaining wellbeing is important to a business

If plants can help to raise feelings of well-being among your staff members then you should see a bit more productivity and a bit less absenteeism. Absenteeism is something of a problem in companies with low morale and difficult or uninspiring work conditions.

Every workplace and all workers have periods of stress, of course. There’s deadlines, sudden increases in workloads and so on – but if you give staff a nice place to work in, or at least a comfortable place to hang out in for a breather, they know they’re appreciated. You can’t always be there to spur them on, but your office design decisions will show that you care about them.

Using plants in design

So, plants can clean the air and lift the spirits, but they can help your company in other ways, too. A big leafy centrepiece or floral display can be a focal point for your reception area, or you can use blooms that have the same colours and shades as your company colours, for example. Colours are vital when it comes to sending a message.

Colour your company successful

No matter what your corporate colour scheme is, you can use bright red and yellow blooms to give people a sense of energy and dynamism. If you place these vibrant displays in prominent positions around the office you can cover up bland and uninspiring walls or corners, draw the eye to interesting features or simply give everyone a splash of colour that isn’t a spreadsheet… Go easy on the reds, oranges and yellows, however, as they can get a bit wearing on the eyes and the adrenal glands if they’re overdone.

Green is well-known as a relaxing, peaceful colour and so you should use leafy displays, as well as blue flowers, in meeting rooms and chillout spaces to help people to unwind, think creatively and collaboratively so everyone achieves their aims in the end.

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